Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rebecca Bloomwood Syndrome

Rebecca Bloomwood is the protagonist for the highly acclaimed 'Confessions of a Shopacholic' series. Rebecca, in case y'all haven't read the book or seen the movies, has a severe spending problem where she's addicted to shopping and spending money. Her addiction goes so far that she's up to her neck in debt, and it leaks into her work, and love life.
 So what is Rebecca Bloomwood syndrome? Well, when you start buying random things, it's a bit of a problem because you might not actually need the things.Rebecca buys things for the sake of buying things, and that's not okay when you're trying to make money and pay your bills at the same time.
Shopping sometimes can be an addiction when you use it to help you feel better, or when you're buying kitchenware..despite the fact that you're still living with Mom and Dad. Sometimes, I do give into retail therapy, especially when I'm upset. However, buying a bunch of things that you don't exactly need isn't exactly the best way to deal with your problems.
At the end of the day, we can all avoid Rebecca Bloomwood syndrome. I'm guilty of spending more money then I need to which results in me not having any money, and praying to the day that I get paid comes faster. I've decided to put myself on a budget so I can save all of my money...well err most of it...rather than spend it. I've decided to really make sure I put much thought into every purchase I make, and make sure I pay my bills off before I spend money for leisurely purposes (I.E. books, CDs, and bracelets) I want to get into the habit of saving money, rather than spending it. Sure, it'll be hard, but I want to spend my money wisely, because I work hard to earn it, and I don't want to waste it.
It's time for me to conquer Rebecca Bloomwood purchase at a time!

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