Monday, April 29, 2013


Lose my number, forget my name, yeahhhh...

So you want me, yes you do.
I just don't believe it's true.
I don't want you to be mine.
I don't want a valentine.
You have my number, want to see
You don't mean shit to me.
Cause I don't need you.
I've got enough to do.

Lose my number, forget my name.
Oh to you they sound the same.
Oh you think that we're here to serve you,
Well Mr. that ain't true.
You have your girl, and something on the side,
Well damn it, I've got my pride.
You've got to chose.
It's a game to you and you're going to lose.

I like a man who only sees me
But with you, hows that going too be?
Sitting here,
You wanna call me dear.
I don't care,
Please don't go there.
I mind when you bring others home, and think its okay.
That's the game I ain't gonna play.


I wish you would understand,
I don't want you to be my man

Chorus (repeat)

Roll the dice you have to choose
You've gotta lose.

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