Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Life As A Pollotarian

Hi, my name is Natalie and I am a pollotarian. A pollotarian is someone who doesn't eat red meat, but does eat chicken and meat products. So, that's right folks I don't eat meat, and I haven't touched beef in a few weeks. (the only reason why I ate meat then was because of medical reasons) I've decided to not eat anything but chicken in late November, making Thanksgiving a virtual nightmare, but sometimes ate meat. However, I decided to give this pollotarian a shot and actually try to actually not eat meat.
Some say that pollotarians are like the stepping stones of the process of becoming vegetarian. Others, called pesce-pollotarians, eat both fish and chicken. Some do this for ethics, others do it for health. However there are people, like me, who just choose to eat chicken and turkey.
I decided to do this as a push to become more healthy, first of all. Beef and red meat do have iron and al of that good stuff. However, I wanted to get more vegetables in my diet becaus those are important things to have. Ever since then, I've noticed a big change in my eating habits. I am eating more salads, and other vegetables. I also decided this because I really don't feel comfortable eating something that was a mammal. I thought that it was unethical because we're mammals, and it feels wierd eating a mammal. 
Ever since December, I have lost over 6 pounds. I feel a bit more healthier. However, I have a hard time getting my daily amount of nutrients, so I often eat a lot of spinach and other leafy vegetables. Some other sneaky ways to get protien are greek yogurt, and nuts. I also don't eat as much white bread, and have been subsituting it with rye or wheat bread. I also have been eating a lot of protien bars, such as balance bars and Special K, because they have about 30% of my daily value of iron. It's hard trying to get every nutrient that you need, so sometimes supplements may be neccesary. 
Are you a vegetarian, pollotarian, or semi-vegetarian? 


  1. I'm not an anything-atarian but I do agree with you on the adding more veggies to my diet! I eat way too much junk food and bread!