Friday, March 28, 2014

"You Can Be My Baby If You're Black or White.."

Somethings have a black and white kind of answer. Math classes for example are very big on those kinds of answers. However, a good portion of things in life don't have a solid answer that can be defined in one sitting. World peace probably can't be summarized in a single blog entry. Neither can we define love.
The definition of what someone means to someone else can be a black and white kind of thing. Are they your boyfriend? Are they your friend? Those seem like pretty clear cut definitions however sometimes the lines can be blurred. Sometimes friends can have feelings that are deeper than a platonic relationship. Sometimes people who are in a romantic relationship may eventually end up in a platonic one. These lines without a doubt would be blurred no matter which way you look at them. 
Then there's the whole issue aboout love. Yes, love can be a thing of black and white-you either love them or you don't. However, there's a whole entire gray area where there could be so many different things. 'I love you, but..' 
Sometimes, there is an entire section of gray areas in which we begin to doubt whether or not we actually love someone. Maybe we begin to doubt whether or not they may return the feelings for you. Maybe, we love them, but we love someone else too. It's a tricky game, this love thing. It throws you so many punches that you may never know exactly who may drag you down, or who may lift you up.
I think that if you can't jump in heads first then you don't love them. If there is some invisible hook that pulls you back from them, then you should evaluate your relationship with them, and how you feel about them. Love is something that you should know right off of the bat. There shouldn't be much thought put into it, and it is in fact black and white.