Wednesday, November 28, 2012


If I did this, what would happen?
If I did that, would would you say?
If I ran for president, would I change the world?
If I said I love you, would you run away?

If I took a chance, would I be smart or dumb?
If I spoke up for those without a voice, would they at last be heard?
If I fell in love, would I become an idiot?
If I chose to follow my dreams instead of soley caring about monitary value, would I be crazy?

If I become a therapist, would I be able to make your probelms disappear?
If I become a writer, would I be able to write the great novel?
If I become a teacher, what would you learn from me?
If I become a mother, would I teach my children what my mother taught me?

The future is if.
I am the future.
I am if.

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