Thursday, September 27, 2012


Stuck here like glue;
I don't know what to do.
Should I make that first step,
Make everything all correct.
Should I just not and say I did;
I understand her and his sides perfectly.
You're still my flesh and bone,
Your blood is alive in my vains,
And yes I do care.
But you didn't when I went through the same thing.
I'm just stuck in a pool of confusion;
And I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love Logic.

I was watching the notebook yesterday. First, let me say this: DON'T JUDGE ME. Second of all, let me say that it's actually an awesome movie that got me thinking. There was one part of the movie that really got me thinking. Allie's parents were doing anything that they could to keep them apart; telling them to break it off, calling him trash, and eventually hiding letters from her. Allie claims that she knows it's right, saying that her own parents do not do the same things that she and Noah did; the way they touched or played with each other were not like her parents.
I thought about this statement since last night, and have come up with one simple conclusion: with love there is no logic. We simply, can not control who we love. It's as natural as breathing, we do it unconsciously.
In my critical thinking class, we are learning about, well thinking. (I don't get it either.) There is only one area in life where critical thinking leaves us astray. And that, my friends, is in the areas of love. Love simply has no logic.
In one final note, I do have one simple question. Why do people try to tear starcrossed lovers, who are clearly right for each other apart? Is it because of jealousy? Is it because they are unhappy and want to spread it like peanut butter? Maybe they think that it's what was best for them, so they only want what they think is best.
Well, in that case, we are the only ones who know what's best for us.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sober-Party of One.

I've been in college for about a month now, and it's safe to say it's not at all like high school. I mean of course it isn't; the classes are harder and everything is on you, not your parents. But, there is something else that I noticed that is a bit more of an issue then it was for me in high school.
Drinking. Smoking. Clubbing.
For me, it's everywhere. In my classes, as I go to class. I hear students talk about hooking up, and going out, and although I don't judge them, half of the time, I don't even know them, I often  am concerned about them, in addition to the schema of a college student. Like seriously, do people think that the best part of college is partying and wasting their brain cells getting drunk. It makes me uncomfortable, and then I wonder if there something wrong with me, or is it everyone else?
Okay, I'd be a hypocrite in saying that I've never touched alchol. Of course, I have tried it. But, friends looked at my stupidty, and I eventually realized that drinking is a stupid waste of time and energy. It's dangerous to my health, and it clouds your judgement. 
Now, I walk out to class, and it's not common to see someone smoke, or hear a bunch of people talk about what they are doing at the club tonight. I get it, it's life. But is that what a college student is expected to do? Drink? Party? Smoke?
No offense, but I'm there to learn.
I don't drink.
I don't smoke.
I don't party.
I don't hook up.
I guess that makes me a loner. I refuse to date a person who does those types of things, because I don't want to have to worry about whether or not they are sober. I don't like the smell of cigarettes, or weed, or even vodka. I don't want to be with a person like that, for my own sanity, because I don't want to a: be pressured to enter that kind of life (i"m not, so get the fuck over it)  b: have to take care of someone when they have had one too many.
I plan on doing college sober. I plan on getting my degree, and becoming the best fucking college professor that this world has ever seen. Call me a nerd? Fuck, I am one. Call me a prude? Whatever. I have friends, ones that actually don't waste their brain cells on some fucking drinks. So. Call me whatever the fuck you want, I'll be sober, party of one.
Thank you, and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Words are something that each and every one of us is equipped with. Words help us communicate with the world around us, are we hungry, tired or full? We use words to tell people how we feel and what we need. Sometimes, though people can use those weapons in a negative manner, causing someone to get hurt over what they said.
I want to take a moment to describe that situation and to discuss. Recently, I have heard a rumor about someone that was something that people really shouldn't be talking about because it's none of their business. If it's a rumor, than I feel bad for the person, because then people are going around and talking about her personal life like that. If it's true, then I feel bad for her because then she has a long road ahead of her. I may not be her biggest fan; however I think that it's wrong that people are wasting their lives talking about an issue that's none of their business.
I think that at some point or another; we all use words in a negative manner, whether to make ourselves feel or look good, or to bring the other person down. Well you are ALL assholes, and completely wrong. Look at tabliods, and all of that fun stuff. Would you like someone spreading a rumor about you? I don't think you do.
I want you to take a moment to think about something. Think of a time someone spread some sort of rumor about you; or some sort of secret for that manner. I bet you didn't feel too good then. So the next time you open your mouth, think of that time. Do you want someone to feel the same pain as you did then? I bet not. And if you do, then seriously, you have probelms.
I want us all to think before we speak. Because we can never take aback an action once it is done. So think. It could make someone else's day a little less horrid.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What Movies Have Taught Me,

They say that romantic movies should not be our basis towards life because it's a movie, and is created by a world of Hollywood writers. But sometimes, a world that is created by Hollywood writers has its own prospects.
Movies, believe it or not have shown me countless things about life. Movies have taught me to take chances in life. For example, in the Titanic movie, when Rose and Jack FINALLY get together, it shows me that sometimes, in life to be happy that you have to take a risk or a chance to do so. Needless to say, Jack and Rose have taken that chance by meeting and getting coupled up when the whole world is against them, but hey, when there is a will, there is a way. Also, in general, some movies tend to be more educational; for example, Titanic because it shows us how people lived in 1912, and what the ship looks now. Movies show us, by giving us a glance, how someone's life once was.
Movies, however, have been rumored to having unreal standards. Obiviously, certain things are soley in the movies. For example, those mean girl clique things. Yeah. In the movies, and the TV shows. At least in my experience in high school and middle school, I haven't witnessed that. However, there were girls in my school who thought that they were popular, and better than everyone else. Also, notice how the guy always says something perfect when he goes through professing his love for the girl? Yeah, that doesn't happen too much in real life, because often, the guy doesn't have someone telling him what to say. (AKA a writer or director who will pay him LOTS of money)
Movies are a part of our culture. We watch them to buy an escape ticket from our own lives, a two hour vacation into someone else's life. Sometimes, they can teach us things. Sometimes, they are just there to entertain. Either way, they do have a purpose.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How Do I?

I'm one of those people whose like an onion-needed to be peeled one layer at a time. I'm often finding myself having trouble with finding the right words to say how I feel, because I don't know exactly how to do so. I often wish someone else would do it, because then maybe I wouldn't have to worry about getting hurt, about worrying about no sort of safety net to catch me, just to let me fall straight up on my fall. I mean, I've done it once, and I've ended up a mess. So why would I even bother trying to get back out there, and try to be happy or to try to tell someone that I am fond of them?
Maybe cause I'm stupid. But then again, love requires no critical thinking, we can not analyze who we fall in love with. I learned that in my critical thinking class on Wenesday. I often worry that my chance is gone, and that I'm going to end up a old lady with a thousand cats.
So how do I go about this whole thing? Feelings and shit. I don't know how to use them, I guess that you can say that I'm feeling handicapped. How do I say what's in my mind and heart? What do I do? What do I say?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Technology Replacing Actuality?

Recently, my mom got a phone that finally was able to text. Up until this point, my mother would only be able to call me, making getting ahold of her a heck of a lot harder then if I was able to send a quick text to her. Now that she does have that option, it's a: kinda weird, because I'm not used to texting my mother, and b: kinda puzzling.
Lately, some of my classes have been mostly online, or have some kind of online component. Now, instead of getting bookwork, we get problems on a computer. As environmentally friendly as it is, it kind of scares me, because it feels so informal.
Don't get me wrong, I love computers, texting and iPods. Obiviously, because I write a blog, and am addicted to my cell phone like it's my job. But, in a way, it feels like it's replacing actual human contact. I miss those days when we would be able to just phone someone, for them to come over and stuff. Mainly, because it kind helps us be able to talk to them, and whatnot. (For those of you whose number i   have called, you all know that I have a lot of trouble leaving voicemails, I blame the power of text messaging because I often have to think about what I'm saying, so I can delete the words and stuff, and I'm not very good at thinking on my feet.)
With technology replacing everything from books to CDs, to even the way we communicate, we often have to wonder what the future lies ahead. Would we become a digital world? How would this affect us socially?
As much as the technology is a good thing, sometimes, we just need actuality. Example? Whenever I'm sad, I often want a hug. It's the way that I am, because hugs are awesome. In liu of a real one, I have friends who give me virtual ones. As awesome as that may be, sometimes, I just want the real thing. Will there be a such thing as virtual cookies next?
Sometimes, with every pro, there's a con. Think about it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It's a word that has been thrown my way a thousand times in the last week. At some point in our lives, we must enter a transition period, where we must find ourselves, and be the person that we dream or aspire to be. Or, we soon realize that these dreams of ours are extremely farfetched and not for us. Like my English professor. He wanted to be a biologist, but upon his enterence into a program to study it, he soon realized that the path that was shown to him wasn't exactly for him. 
Life is like seasons. We all must enter a pattern of what is expected of us, what is known. Every now and then, things will change. Then, as time moves on, the life that is now changed, becomes a life upon a norm.
For the past few months, my life has been nothing but change. Graduating, starting college, and getting used to college. Getting up at different times in the morning (I get to sleep an extra hour a day, yay!), doing more work outside of class, and becoming more independent. My classes sometimes vary, such as today, where I've been at this school for almost three hours, and am not getting home until mid afternoon. I wonder what my former self was life, and as I get used to this new life, and new people even, I worry about the people who I leave behind. I don't want to lose what I had going for me in high school, and sometimes, miss them more than they will ever know. I guess instead of seeing them in school, I'll have to actually make an effort to hang out with them on the weekends and such. (if some would answer their phones.)
I guess change, is a good thing. I just need to learn how to keep up. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Books are Food for the Brain.

I believe that books are like food for the brain. I believe this because books are ways that we can feed our brains knowledge, similar to the way food feeds our body nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and all of that good stuff. In addition to that, it helps us to expand our imagination to newer and higher limit, to inspire us to soar to newer and higher aspirations than what we have previously have expected for ourselves.
In school, they always say that reading is a good thing. Sometimes, people tend to think that just because their teachers say that, it's something to ignore. Sad but true. I think, however, that there's a purpose to everything that you read, whether it's assigned or not. One of the purposes is to learn something, whether about a person, time, scandal, or place. Another is to hear someone's story, whether they may be fiction or an actual person, to get to know them a tad bit better, to understand them completely why they did something or to learn their story.
I think that shows us to look past what's on the outside, and look in what the person thinks/feels. Sometimes, we don't tend to realize that sometimes people have a reason for being who they are, and who they portray themselves as being. For example; in the holiday story A Chirstmas Story, we tend to look at Scrooge as being a grumpy old man. However, no one asked why he's like that. Sure, he could have been a huge asshole all of the time, but no one looked beyond his rude persona to look at WHY he is like that. No one wondered did something happen to this man to make him this way? Maybe he was abused by his parent, which makes it hard for him to reach out to humans, or hard to trust others, because he's simply afraid to be hurt. He can also have avoidant personality disorder for all we know. We just never know, so we judge. In pyschology, this concept is know as the fundamental attributation error (concept explained in an earlier entry). Also, one can argue that he could just be a crabby old man.
I also think reading gets us to think. Like most of our body, the brain is a muscle all of it's own. To make it stronger, we must exercise it. Whether it's something for class or for pleasure, we must excerise our brain  for top performance, such as a standardized test, and what not. It doesn't hurt to think.
Overall, I believe that books are food for the brain, because it shows us that we can aspire to anything our little heart desire. With books, we can explore Hogwarts with Harry, get a front row seat with Katniss, watch Gatsby's undying love for Daisy unfold, and explore the unknown world of high school with Charlie. We can live in a world, just for a little while that's different from our own, a sweet escape from our own reality. Some say that they don't enjoy reading, well maybe it's because they haven't found the books that interest them. The amount of books out there are infinite; you just have to find your own niche or genre of books that make you want to read. Books can be more than just an assignment, it can be the thing that expands your mind to new horizons. By feeding our brain with them, we are able to do so.