Monday, September 30, 2013

Blogtember: Favorite Apps.

Like most of the world out there, I have a smart phone. Smart phones have an app for everything, ranging from social media sites, to addicting games that you can't stop playing, and you really should get to doing that homework that you've been meaning to do..after one more round of Temple Run...maybe you'll beat that score...just maybe.

  1. What's APP: I have this app because one of my friends lives out of the country, and this is one of the most convient ways for me to talk to her. I like this app because it serves a purpose, and helps me keep in touch with my friend. 
  2. Instagram. Yes, I'm addicted. I like it because I get to make any picture that I take into some sort of art. I love the filters on the app. It makes the pictures much more prettier than if they were left to be unfiltered. I like that so many of my friends have it, and I enjoy sharing my photos with everyone. Simply, it makes life art. 
  3. Facebook Messenger. I like this app because it's like texting all of my friends who I Facebook with! It's so much easier, if you ask me than opening up the Facebook app. I'm lazy yes, but it's like being on Facebook without actually being on Facebook. 
  4. Twitter. I am addicted to Twitter. I tend to tweet a lot because it's like my place to vent. Plus, I'm not always near a computer, so it's nice to have an app that I can use to access Twitter.
  5. Email. Like I said, I'm not the biggest fan of my computer, so it's nice to have it all on my mobile device.
  6. Temple Run. I'm just addicted.
  7. Angry Birds: Star Wars. I actually paid for this app, and it was so worth the .99 cents. I am a huge Star Wars fan so the fact that I have the Star Wars version of the app is very exciting. And for the record, I completely suck at it.
So, now you know how I procrasinate with. Thus, this ends Blogtember. I didn't exactly adhere to the challenge but who cares? It's been awesome, and thanks for reading! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blogtember:Write A Letter To The Future You

I'm writing a letter to myself at age 29. That's ten years from now in case y'all didn't know. I'm actually now wondering if I will remember to look at this in 2023.

Dear Natalie, 
Wow, you're almost thirty. You're old. Okay fine not really but still, being 19 almost 20, and thinking about bring 29 almost 30 is a big jump. It's like you're an adult and have a full time job and magically know what you want to do with your life. Eep! I could be married at 29 for all I really know, with children and stuff. That's kinda scary when you really think about it.
Right now, I'm a sophomore in college. I currently work for the school library, and of course am a very ambitious student. I am studying to be a social worker and have dreams of being a psychiatrist. What field did I end up choosing? Only you would really know. I also am currently working on changing my vasol vagol syncopy to making it so I don't pass out any more. Did that work? I also am single, and hanging out with a lot of really nice friends. Are they your friends now?
I figured that I would tell you my goals to compare them to how you are now, in addition to seeing how much life has changed in the past ten years. 
  • My number one goal is to be a social worker. I worked very hard at achieving that goal, through conscientious studying, and dedication. However my dream job is to get a MD or DO in psychiatry. 
  • I would like to be married eventually to a deserving person who I love. I do want a family, the traditional kind. Two children, a white picket fence, and a dog and a cat.. I also want a wedding, where yes, Gabriel will give me away. How is he these days? Are you still friends?
  • I also want to be a writer of some sort. I want to write really awesome books that make history similar to the Harry Potter books.
  • Graduate cum lude. It's a big goal of mine to graduate with honors from college. 
I have so many questions for you. What is the future like? Where did you go to grad school? Do you still write, and if so, what do you write? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you engaged? Or, are you a career woman who just doesn't have the time for a man...well you never know how much you can change in ten years. 
I do however realize that asking those questions is kind of pointless because they will quite possibly never get answered. What am I saying? They never will. However, it's okay to be curious sometimes, so even though they aren't actually going to get answered, at least 

Natalie in 2013 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dear Old Natalie: A Blogtember Post

I'm writing to my past self. I chose a specific age. Age 14. The year I was a freshman in high school and focused on social activities and Facebook, not the actual purpose of school. I didn't know a whole lot then, and I had very low self esteem. I'm writing this letter not only as a reflection, but as an inspiration to freshmen everywhere, or people who are looking for their place to shine.

Dear Past Natalie,
There are so many things that I knew now that I wish you knew then. For starters, don't date a smoker. It's simply gross and disgusting. Second of all, don't lower yourself to hang out with people that aren't exactly the greatest people in the world. As you get older, you will begin to have a better judgement of what's the real thing and what's not. You will have great but eclectic friends. Variety is the spice of life and you've got variety believe me.
I know you want a boyfriend, but your time will come. Granted, I'm 19 and single, but that's okay. Know that happiness doesn't stem from having a significant other. That's borderline needy. You don't need a man to make you happy, as much as it's flattering. Your day will come, rather soon with an evil ginger. You'll fall hard, so hard that you land on the ground bruised and broken. You learn and you move on. Down the road, it seems to you that you were being brainwashed, similar to another closer friend that you know. However, know that being hurt is a part of life, and that you needed to go through that to be the person that you are today.
Don't change because some bitchy girl is making fun of you. Yes, you are kind of fat. You will actually lose 20 pounds in a year, eventually heading down a dangerous road. However, being skinny isn't the goal. Being healthy is. For years you will fluctuate up and down with your wieght. Eventually, you will realize that the true goal is simply to live a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you do have an addiction to cake pops and cookies, but in moderation that's totally cool!
Over the years, you will be hurt. By friends, who simply care about themselves. By a boy who can't hear the word no. Your best friend in the whole wide world, Gabriel who is your sassy gay best friend who will always be there for you when you need him, will go to an awesome school in Minnesota. You will miss him, and yet you know that's where he bloomed. You will learn Italian and eventually make friends who actually live there! Maybe you'll visit that's in the cards.
The best advice that I can give you now is to be yourself. You are a weird kid, but that's okay. You'll make wierd friends to go along with that. At the end of the day, kid, you live a good life. Also, know one thing. No matter what crazy bullshit you go through, at the end of the day it will be okay. If it's not okay, then your story is still going on. Be a hero, a leader, a person to look up to by little children. Smile like it's going out of style, and don't do anything half ass. Love yourself, because if you don't then no one else would. Make mistakes then learn from them afterwards. And most importantly, live.

The More Awesome Refined Verison of You!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Blogtember-Conscious Thoughts.

How ironic that I was learning about the states of consciousness in my psych classes this week! So...uhm yeah these are my thoughts as of this moment......yes, they are pretty much random and uncensored. You have been warned:

I have the song 22 by Taylor Swift stuck in my head. "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22, everything will be alright when I'm next to you...."
Yay I got a 92 on my psych test!
I am writing this blog entry at work.
I should be studying for my psychology test but I'd much rather breathe and write a blog entry for the masses. I mean come on, don't you love reading this blog? Come on admit it because writing blogs is fun. Reading them and showing them to your friends and making me the next Julie Powel minus the whole actually having to cook thing. I can't cook to save my life. At least I 've tried before minus it becoming an epic failure.
I really want a cakepop.
Can it be five o'clock yet?
I'm sad.
I miss Hiroki.
I miss Alessia.
I don't know about you; I'm feeling 22...
Why didn't I wear leggings today?
Is it bad that some people annoy me for no apparent reason? Like seriously, certain people can annoy me without even talking to me. How is that possible? I feel like such a bad person. Of course this reminds me when I was in Personality and we were talking about the unconscious factors of Freud. Freud is such a fascinating person, even though his thoughts are outdated, ridiculous, and all about sex. I mean look at the Oedipus with your mom come on..However, it's just pretty damn interesting to study. Did you know I can identify what stage of development you're in? Thank you psychology.
How many books are in your average library?
WHY CAN"T TODAY BE FRIDAY? Friday is the best day of the week.
I hope that I passed my math test. I hate math. Why do I have to take math anyways? I mean come on, I'm going to be a social worker, and a writer. I get that I should know how to add and do all of that basic stuff but that's it. I think if you''re going to be a liberal arts me, that you shouldn't have to take such degrees of math that aren't useful for what you're going to study. For English that would mean that I actually should know how to count. I don't know what kind of math that you would need to be a social worker. I JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW TO BALANCE A CHECKBOOK DAMNIT!
I'm not 22 but I'm feeling it. What is feeling 22 anyways? Can you feel an age? What is this nonsense? Taylor Swift please elaborate on what feeling 22 is anyways. I really don't understand what it's like to feel an age. I guess you can say that what I'm feeling now is 19. But what happens when your 19 and you're feeling a whole different age on either end of the spectrum? Will Taylor Swift write a song that is about feeling old? I shouldn't be making such an analyzation of a song.

Yeah, before you all judge me, I'm going to end it here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blogtember: Favorite Quote

My favorite quote as of late is by my idol Lauren Conrad. LC is someone who I look up to and admire greatly. She is classy, and I love her style. I'm not afraid to admit that I own like half of her Kohl's clothing line. Also, I will admit that I'm an avid fan of her shows Laguna Beach and the Hills. At  Anyways, here's the quote:
"As people grow up they realize that it's less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones."
I saw that on Tumblr, and then realized that as of late, that so applies to my life right now. I've been upset because a friend and I who were the best of friends had gotten into a huge fight over nothing, and now are no longer speaking. I was very hurt (and still am) about this because I feel like I have lost someone who I trusted and cared about. As we get older, things and people change greatly. I changed, and so has this person. I can't say that it was for the better or for the worst. It's just a part of life, and we all have to deal with this sometime or another.
Sometimes that happens with friends. We're no longer close to the ones who we think are going to be there for us forever. In reality, forever is a time period that is as long as we can make it out to be.
I do however know who my true friends are. They are the ones who I trust completely. They are the ones who I can call when I'm sad and ask for help and comfort. I realize that I'm not perfect and neither are they. However, they are the best. Some of them are across town. Others are across the country. One is even in a different country. This doesn't change the fact that they are the best friends that I can ever have. As I get older, I'm starting to realize that it's not about quantity, it's about quality. It's not about the number of Facebook friends you have; it's about the ones who you can actually talk to. I feel like it's a life lesson that everyone learns at some point or another.
In conclusion, out of all of the many quotes that I enjoy I feel like this one is my favorite because it pertains to my life at this moment. Finding quotes that pertain to your life right now always makes you feel better because you know that person understand what you are going through. Somehow that makes you feel less isolated and alone, which is the point of teen angst isn't it? Rebelling because you feel like you're the only one going through this rebellious stage of life and being completely over-dramatic. Got to love those hormones. But you're not alone. Quotes are great reminders of just that.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogtember: Why I Started Blogging

I've been blogging for three years, and have written over 500 entries. I've written things ranging from fiction to poetry. The question presented here though is what I've blogged. The question is why I started blogging. 
Why have I started blogging?I started blogging because at first I considered this blog to be my diary, a way to express my inner most emotions in some sort of way. I felt like I had so much pent up, and I wanted to share what was on my mind with the people around me. I often was perceived at the dumb girl, because at the time I thought that it was weird to share my thoughts and write. However, I was the one that was being a loser. I began to write random things, things that were going on in my day to day life, in addition to things that I have learned from what happened during that day. I had characters.
I was basically the blog version of Sex and the City. Ironically, I actually enjoyed that show at the time. Actually the better word was obsessed. Carrie Bradshaw at one time defiantly influenced my blog during the first few years of my blog. (Notations)
I started writing this blog (Finding My Voice) when I was a senior in high school. I wanted a fresh start, as I was approaching my graduation. I wanted to leave the sadness that haunted me for the majority of the senior year. 
Now blogging is my thing. I write poetry, music, stories, and of course random blurbs of thought that come through my mind. I realize that this is my place to exercise my opinions to make everything in my mind known. It's my way to change the world, even though my blog is something that is small and only read by few people. 
What is the future for my blog? Well, I plan to write this probably for the remainder of my youth. I do plan to expand it, however I do not know how. Maybe I'll talk about my dog. She's cute. I do believe how you started helps you realize why you are on the path that you are currently on. It helps you realize where you want to go. 
I started blogging to make a difference, and to have my voice heard. Reflecting on that now makes me realize that I still have a voice that I need to find. I'm still young, and I still want to experience things that could bring me to completely finding it. I've come inches and miles from making my daily reports from my local high school. I may not be the most popular blog on the web, however this blog is something that I look foreword to writing in. I sometimes forget, and I sometimes don't always present such perfect topics. However, I'm proud of my blogging accomplishments. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blogtember: What Do You Believe In?

I believe that books are the food for the brain. I believe this because books are what feeds our mind and soul, drives us to be more involved with the world around us, and makes us want to learn more. Books are like windows that we see through life through another's eyes. I love the fact that I work with them, although it's sad because I often wish that I can read them all. Reading is awesome, and I firmly believe that books are like food for the brain.
I believe that there is always good inside of us. Some may disagree and that's fine. However, somewhere deep down inside them, a piece of good remains. Sometimes, you may have to dig deep into it to get to it. It's there, it's just something that you have to strain your eyes to look for. Sometimes, I myself struggle to find the good in people. 
I believe that everyone should have some sort of equal right no matter what race, gender or sexual orientation someone is. Why? Because deep down, I believe that we are all human and that since we all are made equally, then we should all be exposed to equal rights. Although it's not as simple as I made it seem in that one statement, I think that it should be. It's so fucking stupid that it makes me sick. Everyone should be able to get married if they want to. It shouldn't matter what anyone says.
Most of all, I believe in peace, love, and happiness. I hate the fact that there is so much hate in the world. I believe that united we stand divided we fall. That's what I believe in.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blogtember: Something Old.

I really can't find my camera so I couldn't take a picture of this. However, I'll do my best, because this can test my description skills!
My something old is something that wasn't originally mine. It was my grandfathers, a person who many of you know was very close to me. One of the things that I got to keep when he passed on was this stuffed monkey. He was this interesting kind of thing. He looks like a monkey, and he has his tongue sticking out. He is so big, wears a red shirt, and has a banana in his right paw.
He is old. Like older than me kind of old. He used to sit on my grandparents' chair in the room. Now, he sits on my bed. I consider him to be one of my most prized processions because he reminds me of my grandfather in a strange way. In another strange way, whenever I hold it it reminds me of my grandfather. It makes me feel good about myself, and comforting.
So, that's my something old.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Blogtember: Write About a Time That You've Screwed Up

A time that I screwed up was when I was in high school. I was a senior in high school when I found out that my grandfather was going to be living his past few days. During that time, I also was applying to college, juggling a decision that I know am happy that I made, and of course trying to fit the average stresses of being in high school. Needless to say that I was a hot mess.
Now looking back I realize that I didn't treat the people who I was closest too. I leaned too much on a few of my closest friends, and demanded way too much. I couldn't deal, but I was miserable all of the time. I didn't want to do things, all I wanted to do was feel sorry for myself. However, with that being sad, I was grieving and feeling an emotional upheaval. I should have gone to a therapist to help me deal. I felt overwhelmed, because of stress, and of course having to deal with the whole grieving process.
I screwed up during this time period because I was so self absorbed, I failed to realize that people cared about me. In a sense, I kind of pushed those who loved me away. I screwed up because I often was impossible to deal with. To all of my friends who stood by me through this, thank you for dealing with me. To the friends that I pushed away, I'm sorry that I pushed you away. I was stupid and confused and annoying then.
Getting through this taught me something. It taught me that I'm not alone and that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. I am loved, and I have great friends that I should in fact be grateful for. Wait, I am grateful for them. I screwed up, fucked up, you name it. But I dealt with it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blogtember: Writing In Someplace New and What Makes Me Happy.

I couldn't come up with anything for the first part. Sorry guys, but I'm not that creative. I guess you can say that since I'm writing this at the library circulation desk that it's new? Whatever.
Anyways, there are many things that make me happy. Do you want to hear them all? I bet that you do.
The first thing that makes me happy is baked goods. Any kinds of baked good will do. However, I do have a personal favorite, which is a three way tie between cake pops, cupcakes and cookies. In case that you wanted to know, my favorite flavors of cakes are red velvet, funfetti, and vanilla. As for cookies, I like em all. I had to pick the picture with the dogs on it because I thought that it was cute.
Another think that makes me happy is phone cases. Ever since I got an iPhone this past summer, I've been obsessed with buying phone cases with it. I currently have 9 or 10. My favorite one currently is this owl that I found recently named Otis! (this is a picture of Otis below)
Jewelry makes me happy. I have been making jewelry for years. I also enjoy buying a lot of it. However, I typically tend to wear a lot of the same kinds of things. I've worn the same charm bracelet on my right wrist since I was 13 years old. I literally never take it off. It's one of those Pandora ones that my mom gave me for my 13th birthday. Back then, they were really popular. However, as their popularity waned, I kept my bracelets on. (Yes, I have two now.) I honestly can't see myself not wearing them, no matter how much out of style they may be. It's perhaps the most personal thing I ever owned.Another thing I wear on a daily basis is the Hamza or evil eye necklace. I heard from my mom that it wards off evil spirits. Plus, it's just a generally cool thing. I also never take off my rings. The one on my right finger is a family heirloom, the one on my  left is a silver cross. Both have not been taken off since I got them. Below is some pictures of the stuff I enjoy...

The last thing that makes me happy is all of my wonderful friends, who yes, I'm actually going to name by name, unless they have a nickname. Thank you Vere, Heidi, Griffin, Alessia, Marissa, Iris, Tash, Hiroki/PG, Elisa, and whoever else who deserves to be in here but I forgot because it's been a long day. You all are extremely deserving of a shootout. 
The end. 

(Thank you Google for the images.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogtember: Describe Your Life Now

My life now. Hm. My life has been a mumbo jumbo of emotions nowadays. Ready to hear about it? I bet you know that it's going to be interesting.
Lately, I've been sad because I've been going through some things with a friend. I'm not going to go into detail about it here, because I believe that this blog is a public place where you don't share private things. I've also been going through trying to figure it if being a double major is the right for me. I'm so interested in my classes, and I enjoy going to class every morning because they don't feel like classes. They feel like I'm going in for some intellectual discussion. However, I'm the girl who passes out because of blood remember? Sometimes, during mental health I have to walk out. Monday I even left. I felt embarrassed and now I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I could be a social worker. I mean what if I can't take what my clients are dishing? I am beginning to hear the words I can't and actually am believing them. It makes me sad, because I enjoy psychology, and I really want to be a social worker. Perhaps about the same amount as being a writer. I hope that I am able to do it. I also feel lacked in the romantic department. I know that I shouldn't complain, because I'm young and I have the rest of my life to be in love and married and stuff. Perhaps in a year I will look back onto this and laugh. However, I wanted that cute cliche relationship that many often make fun of. I want someone to take me out for a dish of spaghetti, and tell me some lame pick up line. I begin to doubt that there is a Mr. Right for me out there. Mr. Right, where are you?
However, there is some good things going on in the world of Natalie. I am beginning to make new friends to expand my horizons. I have friends that are really good to me, and let me call them to babble like an idiot. They are awesome people, and I am so grateful for them in my life. I'm especially grateful for Hiroki, who always makes me smile when I'm sad. He has a knack for that you know, and other guy friend, who used to have a green backpack. (He also has a Japanese name, but I forgot what it was)I also am enjoying my new job. My best friends are really the best. I know that it's cliche but I really mean it. They are awesome! I work at my school library. I love working, because I actually look foreword, most of the time, going to work. I enjoy working with people, and I enjoy working with books. I love being able to be in the know of the world of books. Also, I'm also on my school's paper. In high school, I was very involved in my school's paper. I was the revenues editor at my high school newspaper, but epically failed. Then again, I'm not good with numbers. I feel good about this, because I enjoy writing and this is a stepping stone to being in a big time newspaper one day. Imagine more people reading my stuff! That is so exciting! At least in my eyes, it is. The last big thing is that I'm beginning to develop a business in making jewelry. It's something that has always been a passion of mine, and the fact that I can make some pocket change doing that is something that I'm really excited about.
My life is this crazy mix of miserable and magically. I wonder what my life would be in a year from now. Maybe I'll be famous....Maybe I'll have the answers to my woes. Maybe...I won't be a teenager. Actually in a year I won't be. However, life with it's ups and downs, is still great. You just need to learn how to keep the sunshine in, and the rain out.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogtember: What DOESN'T Comfort Mean to You?

I've decided to devote the next month on my blog to do my favorite blogtember challenges and prompts. Why? I feel like my blogging has fallen into a rut and I want to shake things up a bit. I want to broaden my blogging experience, in addition to my writing horizons. 

Comfort. It's a tricky subject. First before I explain what comfort doesn't mean to me, I should explain what does. When I'm at comfort I'm curled up with my dog, and watching some lame sort of chick flick. I am eating something yummy, such as a warm chocolate chip cookie, or a cupcake. You know the kind of thing that tastes good, but isn't exactly good for you. My dog is usually in the picture around there somewhere, along with a pair of slippers. I also believe that comfort can be surrounded by the people who you love and care about. Friends, loved ones, and significant others. Having them around during the uncomfortable can perhaps make life a tad bit more comforting. 
Now to attack the subject of what's not comfort to me. And that's a few. The first is being surrounded with medical things, or being surrounded with people who talk about medical things. I have a condition called Vasol Vagol Syncopy, which means that I could pass out when confronted with those kinds of issues. It can range from watching Grey's Autonomy, to hearing people talk about medical things, or of course seeing it first hand. It's an actual medical condition, not some kind of phobia. (No, I'm not afraid of blood. However, I am afraid of passing out. It's kinda scary no lie.) Needless to say, passing out or feeling like I'm going to is very uncomfortable. Also walking out of my classes is uncomfortable. I often feel paranoid about it. I hate having to go to a teacher and explain "I have a problem, it's not because I'm a special needs student, it's because there is something that is wrong with me medically." It's crazy and stupid and annoying, and I wish I didn't have to deal with it as a psychology student. However, it is what it is. I can't help that I was born with it, I can help how I deal with it. 
Another thing that isn't exactly comfortable for me is cold weather. I hate any weather that is cold and wet. Whenever I'm around rainy weather I kind of feel like the sky is crying. I don't know why, I just do. It's not comfortable to being around rain. I'm often reminded of those sad commercials when the kid is all alone, and   left to fend for his or herself. When I'm in rain, I'm reminded of sadness,  and loneliness. Friends of mine would disagree because they find the rain to be peaceful. To each his own. 
In conclusion, I kind of like being uncomfortable. It makes me appreciate the things in life that make me comfortable such as my lovely friends, warm chocolate chip cookies, and self indulgent moments when I watch movies. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogtember Post, Cause Why Not?

Okay so I was reading my friend Emma's blog (linked posted below) and really liked this idea. So I decided to write this in my own way shape and form. The prompt is to write to someone that you love. Emma picked future husband (I loved your letter girl) I decided to write a letter to one of my best friends in the world, who currently lives about halfway across the country. His name, or code name is Hiroki. I picked him because I miss him a lot, and he is one of my closest and truest friends that I have. So, Hiroki, this one is for you.

Dear Hiroki, 
So, you're in Minnesota. How is the weather? Are you enjoying college, and all of your experiences? It's really hot here. It's awful, because it's almost mid-September, and I'm not ready for all of this heat.
I miss you quite terribly; mainly because lately I've been feeling really sad and you are the one that normally cheers me up, with your witty outlooks on life. I miss our long walks, talking about life how we imagine it being, in addition to what it actually could be. Those walks are therapeutic, although I used to complain about being tired during much of the walk. I also miss reading your creative and awesome stories, and hearing your eclectic, but awesome views on life.
I love you very much. Over the time that we've known each other, you have become one of my closest and most trusted friends. I am so glad that I said hi to you when I did, because now we're the best friends. :) I am so proud of all of your accomplishments, and I'm so proud to call you my best friend. 
Our future is as bright and shiny as a diamond. I can see us now, me the successful writer/social worker, and you, the linguistic person with a big house and rich husband. We will somehow always be involved in the other's life, whether going from seeing each other a lot to hardly seeing each other for months on end. I know that through out my lifetime you'll always be there for me as much as possible. I hope that you know that I am always there for you as much as I can too. 
Thank you for all that you've done for me for the past two years. You have been there through a lot of crazy shit, and I'm glad to call you my best friend. Thank you for supporting me and loving me. I support you and love you in all that you do as well. Why? Because you're PG, I'm NQ, and we're unstoppable.  No matter how uncomfortable, and uneasy the future may be, it comforts me that you're always going to be in my life. 
I love you. You have become more than a friend to me. And no, not in the boyfriend sense of the word. Like, a member of my family kind of thing. Like a brother, I would say, but you don't like referring to a person based on their gender. 
I hope that you're happy when you read this, and having a good day. I love you! 
PS: You have a lot of nicknames for me.

You can find Emma's blog here:
Thanks Emma for the idea! :D

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11-A Day To Remember

12 years ago, I was sitting in my 2nd grade classroom oblivious to what was going on outside the world around me. Life went on as usual, until I left school. My mother picked me up, which was unusual because she normally was working. I was confused as to why she was until she told me something terrible had happened. Two planes had crashed into the Twin Towers. Now, as a seven year old, I couldn't understand what was happening. I only cared about getting a cookie after getting out of school, and being free to play with my dolls.
We went home, and we were glued to the television screen. Now, looking back at it, I realize that the event itself was unusual and tragic. 3000 lives were lost that day. 3000 families were left to grieve a lost loved one dying at the cost of someone else's angst and pain. Many more lives were changed forever, due to the effects of PTSD, and countless injuries.
This was the day that we suffered an attack. This was also the day that we as Americans came together as one in the light of tragedy. We helped one another out in the time of need, came together to rise above the ashes like a phoenix. America is good that way. We can come together in the light of tragedy to love and support one another.
9/11 has taught us that we Americans are strong and when united we can make a difference to become one. We can come together and become a stronger and more unified America.

Friday, September 6, 2013

There Are People

There are people in your life that come and go. There are also people in your life that remain there like permanent markers forever. Either way, there are people that are in your life for a reason.
We surround ourselves with people that reflect on who we are and what our ambitions are. For example, I met some of my friends in elective classes that I found to be of interest. Sometimes, our ambitions, goals, and personalities changes as we get older and mature. Sometimes, we tend to become people that we never expected to be.
I believe that every person that I meet is there for a reason. Some reasons are to make me less naive, to develop a thicker skin to filter all of the bad things that are in my life. Another reason perhaps is to prove your theories of all people being evil wrong. Sometimes, there are people in our lifetime that are meant to hurt us. The good news is that there are also people in our life that are meant to make it better. And those are the people that we should focus on, not the ones that hurt us. Time heals all hurt, but it takes time, and patience. Having a good set of friends around to make the hurt less, to take the sting out of the harsh punch. And that's what we have to focus on.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Freedom of Word.

One of the many freedoms that we take for granted in my opinion is the fact that we have freedom of speech. We can say whatever we want pretty much without penalty. We have the right to be informed, and the right to hear whatever news that we wish to hear. When we have the idea to be written down, we can write them down and share them with whoever we want. This affects me directly, because as a blogger, I have the power to share my opinion with whoever clicks open my page. I have the freedom to write what I want, when I want to write it, and hope that someone clicks on me and enjoys the stuff that I have presented.  Without my freedom of speech and freedom of speech, I can’t honestly know what I would do whenever inspiration strikes.
Our founding fathers fought for us to be free without the power of England. They came up with a Constitution that we still follow today. The rights that are shared in the Bill of Rights is something that I believe to be a part of Human Rights that we should be born with naturally.
Now imagine if there was no Freedom of Speech. Imagine if the news that you received was from the government. Chances are that you’re going to be living a sheltered brainwashed life, hearing only what the government wants you to hear. There would be no expression, no thoughts that could probably change the world. If a government official comes up with an idea, chances are a lot of people would think that it’s the best thing ever. If a common citizen comes up with an idea multiple problems can occur. For starters, the government official can feel threatened by the citizen, and act in negative manners towards that citizen.
Thanks to the first amendment, I can sit here and write you this blog entry. I can listen to Aerosmith at top volume. I can read a book that has absolutely no point. I can do all sorts of awesome things just for the sure thing that I can. I am thankful that Amendment every single day, because without it, the smaller people at the end of the social spectrum, the ones with a bright and shiny tomorrow, are the ones who can also have a chance to shine. So, thank you to our founding fathers who have fought for this to happen. Thank you for giving me the freedom to read and write what I feel like writing.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A New Angel Gained.

Yesterday, someone in my town passed away. Although I didn't know him personally, I only knew of him, I couldn't help but feel sad. After all, here's someone died at the young age of 17. He had a life ahead of him to live, a meal that was right in front of him and that he could never taste.
Death is something that affects all of us directly or indirectly. It's a part of human life, a part of never ending cycle that will never break. Whether we knew them or not, we can not help but relate to that person. They, like us, have dreams, family, and of course friends. Those friends and family are impacted greatly by the loss of their loved one. They were children, playing with toys and cuddling with teddy bears. They had dreams, plans for what they wanted to do with their life. Now that they are gone, a goodbye becomes more concrete rather than a simple see you later.
Life is a gift. Every day isn't a guarantee. We should carpe diem every day because we may never get to feel happy. We should stack the chips high, and prepare to lose it all. Live life like we're afraid that its going out of style. It's too short to be spent unhappy. It's too short to be haunted by the ghosts of the what ifs. We should rue the day, because the open road is spread out as far as the eye can see and it's blankness is waiting to he filled.
When you look back in life do you want to leave something behind? Leave love, leave a legacy, leave happy. Leave knowing that you've completed exactly what you've wanted to do. 
Rest in peace Alex. I didn't know you all too great; however 17 is far too young to be saying concrete goodbyes to someone. Thank you for reminding us that life is a short gift that shouldn't be wasted with things, and that we truly shouldn't waste it.