Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blogtember: Writing In Someplace New and What Makes Me Happy.

I couldn't come up with anything for the first part. Sorry guys, but I'm not that creative. I guess you can say that since I'm writing this at the library circulation desk that it's new? Whatever.
Anyways, there are many things that make me happy. Do you want to hear them all? I bet that you do.
The first thing that makes me happy is baked goods. Any kinds of baked good will do. However, I do have a personal favorite, which is a three way tie between cake pops, cupcakes and cookies. In case that you wanted to know, my favorite flavors of cakes are red velvet, funfetti, and vanilla. As for cookies, I like em all. I had to pick the picture with the dogs on it because I thought that it was cute.
Another think that makes me happy is phone cases. Ever since I got an iPhone this past summer, I've been obsessed with buying phone cases with it. I currently have 9 or 10. My favorite one currently is this owl that I found recently named Otis! (this is a picture of Otis below)
Jewelry makes me happy. I have been making jewelry for years. I also enjoy buying a lot of it. However, I typically tend to wear a lot of the same kinds of things. I've worn the same charm bracelet on my right wrist since I was 13 years old. I literally never take it off. It's one of those Pandora ones that my mom gave me for my 13th birthday. Back then, they were really popular. However, as their popularity waned, I kept my bracelets on. (Yes, I have two now.) I honestly can't see myself not wearing them, no matter how much out of style they may be. It's perhaps the most personal thing I ever owned.Another thing I wear on a daily basis is the Hamza or evil eye necklace. I heard from my mom that it wards off evil spirits. Plus, it's just a generally cool thing. I also never take off my rings. The one on my right finger is a family heirloom, the one on my  left is a silver cross. Both have not been taken off since I got them. Below is some pictures of the stuff I enjoy...

The last thing that makes me happy is all of my wonderful friends, who yes, I'm actually going to name by name, unless they have a nickname. Thank you Vere, Heidi, Griffin, Alessia, Marissa, Iris, Tash, Hiroki/PG, Elisa, and whoever else who deserves to be in here but I forgot because it's been a long day. You all are extremely deserving of a shootout. 
The end. 

(Thank you Google for the images.)

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