Sunday, November 30, 2014

We Didn't Start the Fire

During the past four weeks of the work on the MOOC, we talked about the technology and the future. We also explored the ideas of a dystopia and of what our society might turn out to be in the next few years as it progresses. We've noticed the sense of addiction that we as a society have on technology. I've seen this in the videos that the MOOC has through out the course. However, with that being said, we must ask what has lead to this progression.

My answer: we didn't start the fire.

For those of you who might know, that lyric is from the Billy Joel song, We Didn't Start the Fire. The song talks about historical events such as Watergate, and cultural icons such as U2. The song relates to our class and the ideas that we've learned because we didn't start the fire. We've been progressing since it's early days from fire, to the invention of the wheel. We didn't start the fire of technology, we've only enhanced it and made it burn even more.

As a human race, we're always looking out to better ourselves and the way that we do things across the world. I believe that it started with our ancestors. Every generation is more advanced than the one before it. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as we have seen in the MOOC. It can lead to more advances in the medical field, and give more opportunities to the field of education. It can lead to negative things, because then it sparks addiction and perhaps helps lose social skills.

The song "We Didn't Start the Fire" ties into those ideas for that exact reason. We really didn't start the fire, and we may never know who actually did. However, I do know one thing. It will always burn as the world keeps turning.

Friday, November 28, 2014

That Time I Dressed Like Jess Day.

For Halloween, I had the best costume ever. Like seriously, and it's not even to pat my own back or anything, it was seriously that awesome. I was going to be Jess Day from New Girl. And I actually had plans to go and do something. Sound awesome? Well wait for it.
A week before Halloween, I began to have pain in my left upper leg/thigh area. Since I am fairly active, I thought I must have sprained something. However, when I went to take a shower, it was a huge red spot. Touching it caused massive amounts of pain. When I went to the doctor, I found out that I had cellutitis. That my friends, changed every bit of plans that I've had pretty much for about a few weeks. Instead, for Halloween, I was a real life couch potato.
However, I was disappointed that I had this awesome costume, and didn't wear it. So, once I got better, I did. And took pictures of it. Here's me being Jess Day, well for a day.
Whose that girl, whose that girl? It's Jess!


Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hey everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you near and far. I hope that you have a lovely day, doing whatever it is that you all do on Thanksgiving. As for me, I'll be eating at the local diner with my mom and grandma. #turntupforwhat
I wanted to take a moment to list what I was thankful for, because I feel like I take too much in my life for granted. I have so many things that I am lucky to have, so I wanted to take a moment and share them with you. So, here's what I'm thankful for, 2014 edition.
A chance to get an education. Although I complain about it, I am so lucky to have the chance to go to school and make something out of myself. Not many people have the chance to do that, especially women. I am so lucky that I have the chance to go out there and make a name for myself.
My awesome mother. My mom is like Lorelei Gilmore. She killed for me to have a better life than herself. Although we don't get along that often, I do appreciate all that she has done for me on a daily basis.
My closest friends. All of my friends are in different stages and places. I am grateful for all of my closest friends, because without them listening to me complain about the world, I wouldn't be anywhere. Each and every one of you, pictured or not, are awesome in your own unique way and I am so glad that you're in my life.
A chance to do something I love in college. I am so grateful for the fact that I get to be an editor for my college newspaper. I learned so much about layout, and about my field from it. I am so grateful for that opportunity, and to make ties with some amazing people.
My blog. And the people who read it. Thank you all for reading this blog. When I was just starting out, I used to spam my friends to read this blog. It's grown a lot since then, and I think that it's just great. I personally think that blogging is a great way to express myself, and I am so lucky for the opportunities, personal and professional that it gives me.
What are you thankful for? Tell me, I would like to hear it. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Shocking Images Behind Robbie

While watching the video Robbie, I was shocked. Why are so many people so addicted to being a part of a world that isn't even real? For some of these people the virtual has taken over the reality. However, their behavior is similar to our own.
In the movie, the people showcased were addicted to video games. You would think that the gamer community would center on teens and people in their twenties. But, this video shows that gamers are also people in their thirties and with families. I was shocked with how much they sacrifice to get their games going. However, I do think that this behavior mirrors our own, especially with our addiction to our iPhones/Androids.
We are addicted to our phones. Instead of watching television shows, I am on Twitter live tweeting them. We are addicted to Instagram, where we take pictures instead of taking in the moment. We are addicted to posting about where we are on Facebook or on Twitter rather than enjoying being there. Have you ever had this experience? I know that I am guilty of it.
Have we become a society that has evolved to communicating looking behind screens rather than looking at each other? I think so. Whether it's my day to day college experience when my peers and I are on social media rather than talking to each other, to being a part of the blogger community, I can see that technology has changed us. And not for the better.
I believe that each and every one of us can see that Robbie shows us how much we've been using technology as our crutch. What can we do to undo this change? Get off our phones, read an actual book or just simply leave the phones behind and enjoy each other's company.

Looking Past the Colors.

On Monday night it was announced that the police officer that had shot the Micheal Brown would not be charged with the crime of killing the 18 year old.  Ever since then, Ferguson and the surrounding areas have been involved in complete and utter chaos. Why did he roam free, when clearly he was guilty? Why did he get to walk free?
The issue here isn't about the verdict-its about justice and inequality between the races.
This man clearly should have been guilty in my opinion. As a journalist, I feel like justice should have been served. He killed a person, and should be punished for it. The evidence pointed towards that exact thing. Plain and simple, right?
Unfortunately, that's not always the case in our justice system.
Everyone deserves a chance for their voice to be heard. Everyone deserves a chance to have a say in what goes on. It shouldn't become a black thing nor should it be a white thing. Everyone deserves to feel like they can walk the streets of America without worrying because of their race, they are considered to be less than those who are walking next to them. I believe that justice wasn't served, yes, however, I do believe that it's also important to realize that there are two sides to every story. Maybe the police officer didn't have a chance to have his voice heard. We should also give him a chance to speak his mind, as well as everyone else who has been affected. We will never know what happened that night.
Around my campus there was a protest about the verdict. I didn't participate in it, however, I do have something to say about it. As a journalist, I am proud to see my fellow classmates assemble peacefully to get their voices heard. As an American, I wish that I can do more to give further justice for those who don't have a voice.
So, that's where this blog comes in.
I believe that to get past this in the future, we should look past all of the colors. To instead judge by the color of the skin tone, but by the warmth of the person. To shoot only when you need to defend yourself or your family, and not because that person is black, white or even purple.
For a brighter tomorrow, we have to move foreward. Racism is something that exists today. I believe in having an open mind, but it shouldn't be with me alone. It should be something that is shared with my peers, readers, family, and friends.
Let's look past the colors for a brighter tomorrow. Let's let everyone be equal. Although we live in a free country, I myself know that freedom ain't free.
So, let's change that.
I dare you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Things I Love Tuesdays-Intials

I like having things that are personalized to my own liking. I like how it's something that is sort of made for me, even though I know that I am not the only one with the 'N' initial. I have jewelry, and I have stationary, and I am so happy with those investments. Here's what I recently have acclimated to my initial collection, however I am excited to continue growing it.
Want your initials on a necklace? Fifth & Mae has you covered. Their initial necklace is inexpensive, and it's really great quality. Mine is silver, however if you don't like it then it comes in rose and yellow gold.
Want your initials on a pad? I got mine as a gift, but craft stores such as Michaels and JoAnn has them for about a dollar!
Want your initials on a ring? Even though it's discontinued, you can find them on Amazon! Dogeared has amazing initial jewelry. I recently got the N one and I haven't taken it off since! You can find them anywhere from TJ Maxx to Amazon. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Music Monday: I Will Always Love the Eighties.

The eighties is one of my favorite times, musically. Ever since I've watched movies such as Pretty In Pink, Dirty Dancing, and of course the famous Breakfast Club. It's safe to say that I have an obsession with the 80s, however if it's something that is good, then you roll with it.
It's my favorite musical time period because most of the music is amazing. Whenever I listen to their music, I literally have the world's biggest smile on my face. It's such a happy tune, and it has some of my favorite music. Whether it's the theme from the Breakfast Club, or Dirty Dancing, it's just awesome.
Want to join me in my eighties jam sesh? Well, that's radical. Here's some of my favorite tunes of the decade. #rockon

Natalie's 80s Playlist:

  • I Heard a Rumor by Bananarama
  • I've Had the Time of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
  • What A Feeling by Irene Cera
  • Don't You Want Me by Human League 
  • Walk Like An Egyptian by the Bangles 
  • Be Your Man by Jesse Johnson
  • Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi 
  • Careless Whisper by George Michael
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham! 
  • Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Society and the Single Girl-How Do I Know?

Everyone says this so much that it's becoming a cliché. When it's right, you'll know. However, I am getting so tired of hearing it. I constantly question it. How do I know that he likes me? How do I know that he's the one? 
I think at some point or another, we've all been there. I'm at the point when I hear the whole when it's right you'll know thing that I want to throw a shoe at them. The people that tell me these things are hypocrites, in my opinion. The marriage of me parents' generation, or at least some of them, often end up in divorce court, rather than to their 50th. I am from that generation, a living and breathing ball of uncertainty about relationships. After all, my dad who was supposed to love me, support me, and never leave me,  left me. How can someone whose not tied to me by blood not do the same?
When it's right you'll know? Well sometimes I fear running out on a pure limb because I worry that I will look stupid. I worry that on some occasion knowing can be wrong and the things that I know turn out to be wrong. I worry that what I believe to be true may very well not be.
I wish that there was some way, sure fire way, of knowing if someone is meant to be your soulmate or even likes you enough to stay with you for the time being. It would save a lot of tears, although Ben and Jerry's would be in trouble. If that were invented, then my life would be easier.
Since we don't live in a perfect world where people recite perfect words that sound like poetry, I reckon that I'll have to settle for swimming in the seas of uncertainty, versus riding in a love boat. How will I know if someone really loves me? Whitney sang that and it made her a top ten hit. But since I'm not a famous singer, I'll ask whoever loves me to 'volunteer as tribute' and stand foreword. However, Prince Charming may no be reading my blog.
Bottom line. Relationships are tricky, and maybe in a year from now I'll actually be in one instead of writing blog entries complaining about my singleness. However, in a year from now, who will know what happens? However, we are not alone. The best thing that we got to help us is our gut instinct.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aspects of Being Human-MOOC Week Three

In the video 'Heart to Heart", we see an interesting yet true take on human contact. We see how people connect better in instances of internet, and texting connection. However, towards the end of the video, the guy picks up the landline. This really got me thinking. Are we slowly losing the skills to connect with others in ways that are not behind a screen?
I think that we are. Slowly but surely, cell phones have replaced the need for someone to pick up the phone to call someone. Why would you want to call them, while you can just shoot them off with a quick text? In 'Heart to Heart' we see that the need to still have closely knit interaction to be an important one. I think that we should focus on that more because one day technology will fail us.
I ask you all to look at something. How old were you when you got a cell phone? I was 11 years old. This was in 2005 when cell phones only did a fraction of what they did now. Now, almost ten years later I wonder what I did without it.
We are slowly but surely raising a generation that will be more comfortable behind screens than behind people. Selfies will replace the need for a camera. However, with that being said, we still need to remember the importance of face to face contact. That is what the true message behind the commercial is. 

Photo Diary...What I've Been Doing..

Hey guys!
So I haven't really been doing too much. But I like to do these kinds of posts, because they are fun and I really enjoy taking pictures for them. Here's what I've been up to, since a picture is 1,000 words, right?
I've been drinking a lot of coffee! My personal faves are Panera's Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, and Dunkin's new sugar coffee coffee!
My dog stole my heating pad cause she wanted to be cozy.
I've been crafting a lot. Here's two of my recent creations.

Fall foliage! #basic

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Society & The Single Girl-Selfies and Happiness.

Recently, I saw two articles that discussed relationships and their correlation to happiness. One  of the articles argued that couples or a single half of a couple who posted a significant amount about their significant other is insecure about themselves or the relationship. The other article argued that couples who post a lot on the contrary are happy.
I would like to have a say in that, if you all don't mind. 
Ever go on Instagram, and find that another picture from that so-called happy couple? I have and whenver I do see it I want to ask them what is the motivation behind you posting so many selfies? I get it your happy. But posting about it every single day? Uhm, I am sorry but I am sure that you have other things going on in your life besides your significant other. #sorrynotsorry
I believe that if you are truly happy than you often do not need the justifications of someone else's likes on your profile or post. I see it all of the time--if I go to a friend in a relationship's profile, I do expect to see something about the relationship. Whether it be that they actually are in one, a selfie of them going to a dance, celebrating a relationship milestone, and of course, them doing stuff together, you are going to post about your significant other. They are important people in your life. However, there comes a time when it gets sickening. That my friends, is when we do too much of it. I am talking about a couples picture every other day. A selfie of you 'thinking about your boyfriend or girlfriend.' A status every day talking about how long you have been together, or how 'blessed' you are to have them. Yes, you are blessed to have them. But, after a while, give me a break. I am  not a bitter single girl, I just want to see something other than 'bae' posts from you every other day.
I am a private person. I do not post very much on my Facebook unless its about my articles I write at my school's newspaper, a picture or two from when I went somewhere with a friend, and a status about my accomplishments. I also have my work information and where I go to college on there as well, because I feel like that's something that I am proud of. However, I do not know if I would post about my relatonship right away. 
I would eventually. Just not for a couple of months. 
Looking at me like I have two or three heads? Well, let me explain something to you. I think that we often forgo privacy whenver we post onto Instagram, write a tweet, or post a life event. I would promote doing it, after a few weeks. I wouldn't change my Facebook status just yet, because I want to enjoy the perks about being a girlfriend. In due time, I would post about it on facebook, on my blog, and everywhere. When it comes to selfies and statuses, I think that you should post whenever you want to. Not on a daily basis, because that is ridicolous. But, if you are doing something chances are you are going to take a picture of it. If you are celebrating your anniversary, go ahead and post it. I follow those laws, because I do not think that relationships should strive on the approval of others, but rather the approval of yourself. 
I have heard once that by hiding your relationship on social media is a form of being ashamed of who you are as a relationship. However, I think that hiding it or posting sparingly, is something that should be applauded. Why? You rely on your own satisfaction, not on the justification of other people 'liking' it.So, I think you should post as much as you want...but then realize the importance of loving your relationship for you, and not for the likes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Should Stores Be Open on Thanksgiving?

Recently on the news I have heard that some stores are opting to open Thanksgiving night instead of the wee hours of Black Friday morning. The mall in my local area was now making it manatory for the stores to open their doors then. It really got me thinking to how Christmas is overpowering Thanksgiving to the point where it even takes over the actual holiday.
Black Friday is the official start of the Christmas Holiday shopping season. However in recent years, it's slowly inched its way up to Halloween and even earlier. Some stores have even opted to switch Halloween decorations for Christmas ones. At the end of the day, it's all because of one thing-profit.
I am a huge fan of the Christmas holidays. I enjoy gingerbread as much as the next girl, and even enjoy watching Snoopy holiday specials. (I even own them.) However, Thanksgiving is a holiday that deserves to be celebrated as well. Thanksgiving, although it's not as comerical as Christmas, it's a holiday that really is about being thankful for the things that you do have as well as enjoying some quality time with your family. And, of course the Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is always on my television screen each and every year.
By opening on Thanksgiving night, you're not even giving people who work in retail the chance to enjoy some rest of the holidays before the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I think that there should be a law against such thing, because workers really need to enjoy their holiday break to spend time with their families. I'm all about shopping, however, it can wait til Black Friday morning to get those deals.
Profit is something that comes and go, however, allowing people to enjoy time off with their families is priceless. 
What do you think about the stores opening their doors in late Thanksgiving night?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Society and the Single Girl: Labels

Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Fiancee. Husband. Wife. Friends with benefits. Friends without the benefits. 
When staring at these things, what do you think they all have in common? I will give you a moment to ponder this as you are getting a pencil, slash getting a cup of coffee. Okay, you give up. Okay I will tell you since I am a good person and all. 
The following nouns that I have just shared with you are labels for relationships. Labels are something that cause you to put something or someone into a category, and make them that certain thing. Labels are something that add pressure to the relationship. But, where do the pressures of labels come from you may ask?
Well, it comes from society. From watching others on your social media newsfeed who are happy in love because their significant other gave them chocolate and roses on Valentine's Day while you're lucky enough to even get a 'Happy V-Day' text. We live in a society where a relationship label is sort of like a check point. Let's take the expectations of the word 'boyfriend.' A boyfriend is someone who you go out with on a whatever you want basis, buys you presents and tells you that you're the most gorgeous thing in the world. It's been a while since I have had one of those, but if memory and the help of watching a ton of chick flick movies serve me right, that's the way that it goes. But what is the need to put a label on something deriving from? Can we just have fun without putting a sticker on it?
We need labels for those perfect people out there. They are those people who have the perfect relationship with the perfect boyfriend. They are the ones that post about their bae being the best in the world. They ones who will have the perfect wedding and the perfect children where the cycle of perfection will then continue with a bang. They are the ones who ask you what is going on with that guy who you are hooking up with, and then judge you since there is no indicator whether or not you are just friends with benefits or something more. 
Those people pressure you to a mold. We live in a society where we can write our own 140 status updates, but when it comes to writing our own rules for our relationship patterns we often fall short of having something to say. The relationships that we have sometimes don't need a label. However, because we are in the world where we need to 'ship it or make it Facebook offical, we need to come up with those labels. 
I am a semi-fan of the label. I like them because then you know kind of what to expect. If I ever get a boyfriend, I know to expect that I am hopefully the only girl that he is doing stuff with, and that I can introduce him as my boyfriend. I don't like them because we are not a black and white society. Instead the lines are blurred. Of our genders, and of each other in general. Therefore, we can not expect relationships to fit those black and white labels. 
Let's just leave the labels for when we go shopping, and out of our love lives. Wouldn't that be easier?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MOOC Week 2-The Progress of Education

In the videos "A Day Made Out of Glass 2" and "Bridging Our Future", it shows the future of education based on technology. In 'A Day Made Out of Glass 2', it shows tablets as being little pieces of glass that people in the society use for pretty much everything under the sun. In the classroom, it was used as a white board to help you learn things in a more efficient manner. In 'Bridging Our Future', there's tablets being used as notebooks, and the same white computer board being used as a blackboard.
In college, I use my computer for my notes, so seeing the tablet thing isn't really a shock. However, it's weird to see it in settings that are not my college lecture halls. I think that in the future, paper will soon becomes something that is obsolete, to the happiness of many trees. However, in these videos, there's more than the content that is being taught here. There's also a habit of addictive behavior that is being taught.
By having all of this information at our fingertips, we are giving the children easy access to anything and everything that they want to learn. However, when that bleeds into our educational lives, sometimes things don't come easily. Sometimes, you can't Google information, and actually have to read books.
In those videos, I do however think that having more technology in the classroom can be a good thing. By giving children more access to technology, you're giving them a chance to excel better. By them googling they become more curious, which is the key foundation of education. It may not be a perfect solution to have everything available to us easily, however, we do have look at both sides of the argument. 


Hey guys! It's hard to believe that it's November. I still feel like summer was yesterday and not like three months ago. Where did the time go? Anyways, since it's been a while since I've told you all about my life, here's what I've been up to:

  • Currently getting really excited to get my car soon! That's right blogging audience, I can drive! I got my license, finally, a few months ago, and the high still has yet to wear off. I was lucky enough to get a car from my grandma's dead brother. Since I am the only one out of all my cousins who didn't have a car at the time, I got it. However, since it took me a while to get my license, I am just now getting it in driving condition. But since it's a 2001 Honda civic, I do unfortunately have to worry about the whole recall thing. Fun. But yay, cars!
  • Currently looking at different ways to curl my hair. I'm really getting into the whole curly hair thing, like Carrie Bradshaw has in the early seasons of Sex and the City. I have somewhat wavy hair, but I really want to have her similar hairstyle going on. If you all have some tips for curling hair, let me know!
  • Currently, I am not ready for finals.
  • Currently, I want my friends to come home so I can annoy them on a local level. Griffin, and Gabriel you know those two clowns.
  • Currently, I am looking foreword to having some time off soon to be thankful for life. 
What's up with you all?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Don't Need A Relationship To Define You.

You heard me right. 
It seems like we live in a world that is just hungry for love. We're hungry for the feeling of knowing that someone's yours, to hold and to love no matter what happens to them. It's exciting to have someone to go see the lame movies that you like, buy you flowers when they pick you up, and to have a life with. However, newsflash. 
You don't need a relationship to do those things.
What I really don't get is that couple pictures get a lot of likes on the social networking site, but when it comes to posts about things like peace, then we fall short. Sure, love is something that is worth celebrating, but when we put too much empathy on solely having someone to be with, to change your name to someone else's, you lose sight of what's really important. In addition to that, when you don't have a significant other or anyone in the picture for that matter, you're pretty much feeling like crap because everyone around you, it seems like, has a relationship in their lives.
And that has got to stop. 
Relationships shouldn't define the person. Accomplishments, personality, taste of music, and all of those kinds of things should. Relationships are the things that we strive to have, more than a career, or more than even money. What does all that matter if we can't spend the holidays snuggled up with a husband? 
I believe that you don't need a relationship to be happy. I don't hate men, but I am independent. I don't take someone's crap for fear of being alone. I don't want to blend into a 'we', I want to blend into something that 'me, and him'. I believe that there's more than falling in love and finding the perfect man. Is that something that has gone out the window?
I've watched this on Sex and the City. You can never have it all. You either pick a man or you pick a career. Well, screw that. I think that you can have it all. Sure, you make sacrifices for relationships. But you should make them not because you want to keep them, but rather the relationship is a healthy combination of mutual respect. I say that sometimes it's going to be hard. 
I see some people's social media profile, and I am bombarded with a constant update on their relationship or why they love their boyfriend 'so much.' I get that you love them, otherwise you wouldn't be with them. However, I don't need to be reminded of this every time I scroll through my newsfeed. I wonder about what happened to the 'me' in the relationship. I see girls in unhealthy relationships, when they have everything in the world going for them, and they are so depressed because they are addicted to what their boyfriends are giving them. 
I refuse to leave my obituary to be about how I was some man's devoted wife who did whatever he said blindly. I want to be the wife who adopts two or three children from underprivileged countries. I want to have a successful career as a journalist. I want friends, even after I say my 'I dos.' I want a life that is more than just being someone's honey. I refuse to let a relationship become the definition of me.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Music Monday-The Heart Wants What It Wants

I am really not a fan of Selena Gomez's music whatsoever. It's not that I don't think it's not good, I am really not a fan of pop music except for maybe Taylor Swift. I saw on E! that she had come out with a new single about her train wreck relationship with Justin Beiber. From what they showed, the video looked really good. So, I decided to check it out.
And I loved it. 
The song is so beautiful, raw, and emotional. The way that she sings you can tell that it's from the heart, and she's really feeling what she's singing. It captures all of the pain of loving someone that you yourself know that's not good for you. I love music like that because it's so original and it made the song so beautiful.
And believe it or not, I love the video. I'm usually not into music videos whatsoever. However, I feel in love with the way that it is, from the emotional phone message, to the black and white simplicity of it. It's such an emotional and beautiful video. I really enjoyed it, and for someone who really doesn't care for Selena's music, that's a long stretch.
Well done, Selena. 
Want to see her video? Check it out, cause you should. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Secret to Life, According to Natalie

For a good portion of my high school and beginning parts of college career, I was severely unhappy with myself. I was always down on myself, and depressed about things that were out of my control, such as my weight (okay, you have some control over that), my relationship status (which is still single, in case you all were wondering. I know you all were), and of course, the feeling like I never really had a place in this world. However, recently, I realized that I have been happier now then I have ever been in my life. I am truly really grateful for that, because who likes being sad all of the time? I sure as hell don't.
My secrets? Cause I know that you all are dying to know. Even if you don't admit it because you are reading this blog so I am pretty sure that you care about what I have to say about life. Here's my secret to life. Read it and you will become as awesome as me. I swear it's true.
I don't take myself seriously. Like ever. If you friend me on Snapchat, I will send you the funniest faces ever. I find taking selfies to be obnoxious so therefore I usually make the most obnoxious faces ever. I think its important to laugh at yourself, which is something that I am able to do. I joke around a lot, and I believe that life is better spent laughing then crying.
I'm obsessed with little small things that make me happy. Like cookies. Cause cookies are like awesome, yo. Small things make me happy, especially cookies. It brightens up my day whenever I am down. So, future boyfriends. Get me cookies. I will love you forever. 
I stay away from negative people. You are who you surround yourself with. If you're with negative people chances are you are going to be more depressed. I know it sounds harsh, but I think that its important to be around positive people. Not only people who are going to bring you down, but people who are negative to begin with. I think that we can do so much, and by cutting down who you hang out with and consider to be your friends, its a start. 
Watch a comedy. I love sitcoms. Whether its Friends or the Big Bang Theory, having a show that makes you laugh until you cry to come home to is something that I treasure. For me, it's New Girl. That show is hella awesome.

So that's my secret to life. Watch out folks, my memior will be coming out soon to a bookstore near you. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MOOC Week One Response-Pivot Point

The videos that I had watched for this week's MOOC reminded me of the novel Pivot Point  by Kasie West. The novel talks about how technology affects the future. The main character, Addie has to decide whether to continue living in the compound with her mother, or go to face 'normal' life with her father. The novel showcased several examples of what future life might be like. Cars had computers, and there wasn't such a thing as a doorknob. But, one thing that really stuck out to me, as a huge advocate of books, is that books became completely obsolete. Instead, they use tablets for reading and for everything.
I myself use my tablet for pretty much everything under the sun, from writing papers and notes for my classes to watching movies on the Netflix app. However, that particular one scared me, because I really do enjoy reading the actual physical book. It scares me that soon books, magazines and even newspapers might one day become a thing that are shown in museums for our children and even grandchildren to see.
This does raise the question of whether or not the society is headed towards this direction. I honestly hope that we don't become slaves to our computers and tablets, as you see in the video Bendito Machine. I think that technology has become a part of our lives to the point where we can not separate ourselves from it to the normal everyday life that our parents once had. It's scary, but that's how self control is being practiced. 

Society and the Single Girl: DTR

I can honestly compare having a crush or a thing going on with a guy to the way that we're sick and go to the doctor and have some sort of weird illness going on with ourselves. Define the relationship for me. Is serious enough that I should look into buying a dress and a plus one to attend your wedding, or will you be going out to the bars for a hookup soon?
DTR. Define the relationship. It's also known as that awkward talk that no one wants to have with their significant other in their lives because let's face it, it's not pleasant. Especially when there's a fear running around of putting yourself out there just to be flat out rejected. How do you define a relationship though, when each and every one is so different from the other how can you define it?
The question is, how do you sit down and have that talk? Well, you're dating a few weeks now, or hooking up. You're wondering if it means something to the other party that is being involved, or is it something that is just 'for fun' and not going anywhere.
It's awkward, but you've got to do it. You need to know where you stand, and lay out your feelings out on the table. Personally, I would rather be standing on a string than have that conversation because you have a fifty fifty shot of being happy, or a shot of being flat out rejected. Sometimes, feelings just get hurt.
Defining the relationship that helps you realize the amount of clarity that you need in a relationship. When you do there's no blurred lines, and there's no chances of saying 'well you did xyz and therefore you're my boyfriend/girlfriend.' If you keep it in limbo, then you're basically playing a game where everyone's feelings are at complete and total risk of getting hurt.
Everyone has to do it one way or another. It's kind of like loosing your baby teeth. Painful, but once it's gone you'll feel a lot better. And hopefully, be changing that relationship status on Facebook.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Things I Love Tuesday-Etsy Finds

Ahh, Etsy. It can be so addicting and easy to go on there, and waste all of your time...and paycheck. Recently, I've made a couple of cute purchases. The first was an Audrey Hepburn phone case (see above.) The second was a beautiful tiny heart ring. Both of these purchases, with shipping, were about twenty dollars. What a deal!
925 Sterling Silver Tiny Flat Heart Ring
I got this from the Etsy shop Stella and Bosco. I love this shop because I've bought a tiny cross ring, and a cross bracelet for my mom. Both of those products get heavy wear, so when I got the ring, I expected nothing but great quality. I was impressed by this ring, and for a grand total of $12, I got a ring that was of amazing quality.
Audrey Hepburn Phone Case
I got this phone case because I am obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, and I am so happy that I bought it. I used to have a Snoopy phone case, but after a year's worth of wear and tear, it needed to go. The shop is called Hot2Own, and it has a lot of phone cases. They are really awesome and stylish, and the best part, very affordable. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for a cheap phone case, and the best part? It took less than a week to get here.
Have you ever used Etsy? If so, let me know in the comments below.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Music Monday: 1989

Taylor Swift is my not so guilty pleasure because she's awesome and I'm not afraid to own it. After all, her music is actually pretty good. When I first heard 'Shake It Off' back in August, I became obsessed and I constantly listen to it. (I thank my good friend Gabriel's father. He decided to show us the video, and then the song just grew on me. #hatersgonnahate)
Between the singles 'Shake it Off', 'Out of the Woods', and 'Welcome to New York', I became obsessed with her songs and her new style, since she's no longer a country star.
1989 reminded me of the eighties era that I am obsessed with and I couldn't wait until October 27th came so I can see what else she had in store. And when it came last week, I was impressed. I think I've had it on repeat ever since, and I really don't care.
She's just really awesome, and she writes in a way that is raw and authentic, which is something that only Taylor Swift can do. She's known for her breakup songs, (ahem 'We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together'), and her songs that make you wonder whose it about. Although 1989 has some of those components, it's an album that has lyrics that anyone can relate.
All of the songs on her CD are really good, however, my favorite is 'Style.' It's amazing, and I've had that song on repeat two or three times. It's such an amazing song, and you all have to listen it. Like stop reading this review and listen to it right now. It's that good.
Overall, listen to 1989. Just do it. It's that good.
Favorite Songs: Welcome to New York, Out of the Woods, Style, Shake it Off, Bad Blood, How You Get The Girl, Wildest Dreams, I Wish You Would, & This Love