Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Society & The Single Girl-Selfies and Happiness.

Recently, I saw two articles that discussed relationships and their correlation to happiness. One  of the articles argued that couples or a single half of a couple who posted a significant amount about their significant other is insecure about themselves or the relationship. The other article argued that couples who post a lot on the contrary are happy.
I would like to have a say in that, if you all don't mind. 
Ever go on Instagram, and find that another picture from that so-called happy couple? I have and whenver I do see it I want to ask them what is the motivation behind you posting so many selfies? I get it your happy. But posting about it every single day? Uhm, I am sorry but I am sure that you have other things going on in your life besides your significant other. #sorrynotsorry
I believe that if you are truly happy than you often do not need the justifications of someone else's likes on your profile or post. I see it all of the time--if I go to a friend in a relationship's profile, I do expect to see something about the relationship. Whether it be that they actually are in one, a selfie of them going to a dance, celebrating a relationship milestone, and of course, them doing stuff together, you are going to post about your significant other. They are important people in your life. However, there comes a time when it gets sickening. That my friends, is when we do too much of it. I am talking about a couples picture every other day. A selfie of you 'thinking about your boyfriend or girlfriend.' A status every day talking about how long you have been together, or how 'blessed' you are to have them. Yes, you are blessed to have them. But, after a while, give me a break. I am  not a bitter single girl, I just want to see something other than 'bae' posts from you every other day.
I am a private person. I do not post very much on my Facebook unless its about my articles I write at my school's newspaper, a picture or two from when I went somewhere with a friend, and a status about my accomplishments. I also have my work information and where I go to college on there as well, because I feel like that's something that I am proud of. However, I do not know if I would post about my relatonship right away. 
I would eventually. Just not for a couple of months. 
Looking at me like I have two or three heads? Well, let me explain something to you. I think that we often forgo privacy whenver we post onto Instagram, write a tweet, or post a life event. I would promote doing it, after a few weeks. I wouldn't change my Facebook status just yet, because I want to enjoy the perks about being a girlfriend. In due time, I would post about it on facebook, on my blog, and everywhere. When it comes to selfies and statuses, I think that you should post whenever you want to. Not on a daily basis, because that is ridicolous. But, if you are doing something chances are you are going to take a picture of it. If you are celebrating your anniversary, go ahead and post it. I follow those laws, because I do not think that relationships should strive on the approval of others, but rather the approval of yourself. 
I have heard once that by hiding your relationship on social media is a form of being ashamed of who you are as a relationship. However, I think that hiding it or posting sparingly, is something that should be applauded. Why? You rely on your own satisfaction, not on the justification of other people 'liking' it.So, I think you should post as much as you want...but then realize the importance of loving your relationship for you, and not for the likes.

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