Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Shocking Images Behind Robbie

While watching the video Robbie, I was shocked. Why are so many people so addicted to being a part of a world that isn't even real? For some of these people the virtual has taken over the reality. However, their behavior is similar to our own.
In the movie, the people showcased were addicted to video games. You would think that the gamer community would center on teens and people in their twenties. But, this video shows that gamers are also people in their thirties and with families. I was shocked with how much they sacrifice to get their games going. However, I do think that this behavior mirrors our own, especially with our addiction to our iPhones/Androids.
We are addicted to our phones. Instead of watching television shows, I am on Twitter live tweeting them. We are addicted to Instagram, where we take pictures instead of taking in the moment. We are addicted to posting about where we are on Facebook or on Twitter rather than enjoying being there. Have you ever had this experience? I know that I am guilty of it.
Have we become a society that has evolved to communicating looking behind screens rather than looking at each other? I think so. Whether it's my day to day college experience when my peers and I are on social media rather than talking to each other, to being a part of the blogger community, I can see that technology has changed us. And not for the better.
I believe that each and every one of us can see that Robbie shows us how much we've been using technology as our crutch. What can we do to undo this change? Get off our phones, read an actual book or just simply leave the phones behind and enjoy each other's company.

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