Friday, November 28, 2014

That Time I Dressed Like Jess Day.

For Halloween, I had the best costume ever. Like seriously, and it's not even to pat my own back or anything, it was seriously that awesome. I was going to be Jess Day from New Girl. And I actually had plans to go and do something. Sound awesome? Well wait for it.
A week before Halloween, I began to have pain in my left upper leg/thigh area. Since I am fairly active, I thought I must have sprained something. However, when I went to take a shower, it was a huge red spot. Touching it caused massive amounts of pain. When I went to the doctor, I found out that I had cellutitis. That my friends, changed every bit of plans that I've had pretty much for about a few weeks. Instead, for Halloween, I was a real life couch potato.
However, I was disappointed that I had this awesome costume, and didn't wear it. So, once I got better, I did. And took pictures of it. Here's me being Jess Day, well for a day.
Whose that girl, whose that girl? It's Jess!


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