Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Has Passed; What Will Become

As 2013 comes to an end, I realize that this year has in a way come to be full cycle. This year, I've grown a lot, gained responsiblity, experience, and friends.
This year, I got my learner's permit. That's a big deal, because I am really excited to get my license. I hope that new year I can get it because I really want to drive and be able to take myself places. Another awesome thing that happened was that I got my first job at my school's library. This is exciting because for once, I really felt that I can handle myself finanically. Plus, it's awesome to be able to have the freedom to buy whatever I want, and to be able to say that I earned the money to do so.
This year I feel like I grew as a person as well. I began to realize that I truly deserve to be happy, with myself, and with the people who I surround myself with. I deserve a chance to be happy. I also learned that I deserve to be treated with respect as well. I feel like this is important in every relationship we have in life, not just romantic ones. I also am slowly learning that  it's okay to make mistakes, and it's okay to finally let your walls down for someone. That's perfectly alright, because some people deserve to hold you. The ones who put the holes in your heart, don't. 
There are many memories of this year that I will always cherish. This summer was by far the best summer of my life. I enjoyed spending time with my friend who was the foreign exchange student from my old high school, however saying goodbye to her wasn't so fun. I enjoyed watching her go through things that we as Americans consider normal. Like, going to prom, and having a graduation. I also had a lot of crazy girls nights with my crazy girls, went on long walks and coffee dates with my best friend, and said goodbye to him as he left college. I got into a huge and stupid fight with my best girl friend, but was able to get over it. Now we're best friends again. 
2013 overall was a great year for me. It's had its ups and it's had it's downs. I enjoyed it overall. 2014 will also be awesome, as the clock turns 12, and a new beginning will dawn upon us. This upcoming year will be my year. This will be the year that I conquer my mental demons, and the year that I finally will get my license. This will be the year that I work harder, save more, and blossom into a shiny brand new me. I'll actually make Dean's list, because I am no longer obligated to take a math class. (which was my downpoint) Honestly, that could happen, or I could be completely bullshitting you guys. You know how resolutions work. Anyways at the end of the day, 2014 will be my year. Even if it doesn't know it yet. 
In conclusion, 2013 was great. But 2014 will be even better. Happy New Year to all of my readers! I hope 2014 will be awesome for you. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Music Monday-2013

2013 was a wonderful and crazy year for the music world. It was the year of the twerking, of the Miley, and of the Blurred lines. However, I must honestly say that my iTunes library swelled this year. Here's a few of my favorites from the year.

  • Mayday Parade's Monsters in the Closet. Okay so I just got the album a few days. Sue me, I'm a bad fan. But it's really good, and I am really enjoying it. My favorites include "Ghosts", "The Last Night for a Table of Two", "Hold Onto Me", and "Angel."
  • "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey. This is in case you all were living under a rock, was the love theme from the Great Gatsby. I love this song because it's simple, yet elegant. It has this haunted aspect to it, which for some odd reason I enjoy. It just adds onto the notion of simply wanting someone to love you unconditionally, even when you're no longer beautiful. 
  • Cannonball by Lea Michele; Okay so we all know that Lea has been through a hell of a year. This song is perfect for her. It's honestly great, and I can't wait for Louder to be released this upcoming March.
  • Lady GaGa's Artpop. Lady GaGa is simply amazing. I've been a huge fan of her since The Fame. Just Dance was my jam my freshman year in high school. Her latest album is awesome. It's so empowering, plus they have a beat that is simply amazing. Some of my favorites include "Applause", "Aura", and "Venus". If you are a Lady GaGa fan than you should definately be listening to this. Like stop reading this blog, and go listen to it. It's that good. 
  • Loved Me Back To Life by Celine Dion. Okay, I am a huge fan of Celine. I have pretty much all of her CDs. This is her first album in 6 years. Loved Me Back to Life is full of heartfilled, pop music. I love Celine, and this album surely doesn't disappoint. Give "Loved Me Back To Life", "Somebody Loves Somebody," "Water and A Flame", and "Unfinished Songs" a listen. They won't disappoint. 
  • Brave by Sarah Barielles. This song honestly reminds me of summer days jamming with Gabriel. 
  • Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Okay, I like this song and I am not ashamed to admit it. Have a problem? Oh well. I really enjoy working out to it. Plus, it gets stuck in my head a lot. That can be annoying. 
  • Demi by Demi Lovato. Team Demi for life. Her new album, which came out in May is simply amazing. Each and every song was awesome. Demi is such a talented artist, and 2013 was an awesome year for her. My favorites include "Heart Attack", "Fire Starter", "Neon Lights," and "Made In The Usa."
  • Crash My Party by Luke Bryan. I love Luke Bryan. I jam to it while I am work. This album didn't disappoint. "That's My Kind of Night", and "Crash My Party"were my jams.
  • Royals by Lorde. Okay, so this is pretty much been killed by the radio. But come on, it's so good!
  • Nashville. I simply love the show, and all of the singles. I've gained so much respect for artists, based on this show. I am such a huge fan, and each and every one of the singles that were released this year were amazing Catch up, because the new season begins 1/15/2013. I can't wait. 
So those were my jams this year. What's on your playlist this year? Comment, email, or tweet me! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

So You Wanna Be A Blogger...?

Okay so on your list of resolutions, one is that you want to start a blog. That's awesome. But, now what? You've picked out a template, a title, but now you sit on an empty computer screen. It's blank, and the emptiness is taunting you. What do I write? How do I write?
Let me help you. Hi, my name is Natalie and I've been writing a blog for over three years. I guess you can say that I'm a pro at this. I call it a work in progress. I can help all of you wanna be bloggers, with some tips and tricks of the blogging game.

  • Always carry a notebook. I'm not always near my computer because I work, go to school, and have a life. Half of my entries that I've written have probably been handwritten at times. One thing that I've learned through out the years is that you never know when inspiration strikes. By carrying a small notebook in your bag you can quickly jot down notes, in addition to things that inspire you. In addition to that, you can also make to-do lists, so you can cross things out and make yourself feel better when you complete the task. 
  • Have a completely awesome playlist. I find that when I write for my blog, it helps to listen to music. My favorites include All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Sleeping With Sirens, Aerosmith, and Boys Like Girls. Everyone needs a writing playlist, to get the juices going. I don't know why. I guess all of the cool writers do. Did you know that Stephenie Meyer's playlist has Muse on it? Random fact of the day. 
  • Get a BlogLovin account. Blog Lovin' introduced me to so many awesome blogs, and it helps you get your name out there to other bloggers. I think that's important because the more people know you're name, the better you are. I found this helpful because I ran into awesome blogs that I enjoy reading. 
  • Write about what you love. This is the most important thing because this most important thing about having a blog is to enjoy it. Write for you, despite the fact that you have an audience. I find that people who write about what they enjoy tend to have better content. There's this saying called 'Dance like there's no one watching." Well write like no one's reading. Unless the content is X-rated or something. That you can keep to yourself.
So you wanna be a blogger. I wish you all of the best because starting a blog was the best thing that I ever could do. It's so fufilling and I am so grateful for all of my readers. I hope you have as much luck as I do! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

That Guy

There is something to be said about that guy. You know, the guy that you meet and it changes you. You want to impress him. You want to get to know him, and you are self conscious about every malfunctioned word that comes out of your mouth. He is someone who, once you get to know, isn't what you expected. He has his insecurities, he has his faults, and he sure as hell isn't perfect. At the same time, he's sort of perfect.
That guy is someone who is the one who makes you want to change the world. He's not like the other ones, so you stop comparing them to the past contenders of your heart. You begin to realize that even though it may hurt or it may not end well, it's okay to feel something for him. Sometimes, the best things in life are worth getting hurt for. Then, the fear melts away like candle wax. It, like the people before him, have become a thing of the past.
The best thing about that guy, is meeting someone who truly makes everything okay. He listens when you talk, and he's just a nice person to be around. He makes you want to listen to Taylor Swift songs, makes you feel like your dancing on air, and you feel like you're a million bucks. It's crazy and it doesn't make much sense. But that feeling of smiling when he says you're great? It kind of does, although we lack the answers as to the logistics of it.
There comes a point when you realize that everyone deserves a happy ending. You can hide your fears and your insecurities by humor. But then, you realize that maybe, just maybe, a fairy tale is in your future too. 
Just maybe.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hi, I Am A Music Whore

What is a music whore you may ask? It's not being able to commit to one specific genre of music, and you're taste of music is pretty much all over the place. It's safe to say that I am one of these people, and I am perfectly okay with it.
I personally think that it's wrong to commit to just one genre of music. I don't know why, but there's more than just one good kind of music. Yes, I listen to pop. Yes, I listen to country. Yes, I listen to some rap. (Okay, I don't listen to very much of that, but there you get the point.)
 I don't believe we should limit ourselves to one specific genre of music. It's like limiting yourself to only one kind of cookies. I think it's important to expand ourselves to several outlets of music, because it enriches us. There's more music than the music that plays on the radio. There's music from our parents and our grandparent's generation that we never heard of. There's music from different countries, and in different languages. There's music that's like hidden gems from independent artists. Music is everywhere, not just what's on the chart.
I have my favorites; Lana, Aerosmith, Demi, Xtina, Madonna, and the entire Nashville soundtrack. Those are my little black dresses of my iTunes library. I do listen to punk, alternative, indie, classic rock, in addition to metal, country, (I am a huge Luke Bryan fan), the occasional pop songs, and of course those insane songs that you have no idea what the hell to place them in, but yet they are still awesome so you listen to them anyways. Some weeks I am more into one kind of music, such as one week I'll go on a Steven Tyler binge, and the next I will go into a blue grass country binge. And that's okay, because there's different kinds of music in the world, and I enjoy exposing myself to all of them.
So, yes I am a music whore. And that's okay because music is something good. The moral of my post? To make you guys aware of the music whoredom,and that it's okay not to be tied down to just one genre of music.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Happy Boxing Day to my fellow readers, bloggers, and other people who happen to be roaming around the internet. I hope you all had a great holiday, and a great day yesterday.
I personally wanted to wish each and every one of my readers a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah (whatever you celebrate.) Yes, it's belated, but I still believe that it's better late than never right? I personally wish I can thank each and every one of you for reading, for commenting, and just you know clicking on over here. Some of you are friends, others are complete and total strangers. But thanks so much for reading and being a part of my blog for the year and a half that I've been here. It's much appreciated, so I personally am thankful.
This Christmas was awesome. I got to spend it with my family. For us, Christmas Eve is the day that we have the bigger dinner (since we're Italian we are having fish, natch) and open up our presents. It was a good way to catch up with my cousins, uncle, and my grandma, since I rarely see them. One of them is a manager at the local grocery store, another one goes to the same college as me, and plans to become a teacher, and my other cousin goes to school in Rhode Island. Since Christmas is the time that everyone isn't working or socializing, it's a good way to see family. Plus, the fact that there was a lot of really good cookies there also was a good thing.
Christmas Day was also a good day. My mother and I exchanged gifts in the morning. Some gifting highlights include; a daughter Alex and Ani, a cardigan (that I am wearing right now), and some awesome new pjs. Then, we went to Grandmas for Christmas dinner. And yes there was more good cookies. All and all, it was a good day. My favorite part of it was getting to actually sleep in and go to bed early. Lame, I know.
The best part of Christmas, at least this year, was being able to actually give something back to my mom, grandma, and cousins. Yes, it's fun to get gifts. However, it felt amazing to give back to people. I felt so good about that, because this holiday is much more than receiving. I can't wait until I reach my dream and write a bestselling novel just to give to my family.
All, and all it was a good Christmas. How was your holiday? I would love to hear the stories about crazy grandmas, and what your awesome boyfriend got you. Feel free to comment below, or to email or tweet me. Internet, I am listening.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Doubt's the Word.

I was reading my Staying Strong by Demi Lovato book and was inspired by yesterday's positive reading. And that was doubt. She asks us to acknowledge our doubts and evaluate why we feel that way.
My doubts come from my past endeavors. Especially when it comes to love. I've been friend-zoned, went through a really bad breakup, and have daddy issues. It's safe to say that due to the past, I have doubts about finding a perfect man. I have doubts that I deserve to be loved, because I feel like people would be walking out on my life, like so many people have in the past. I sometimes worry if there will be any permanence in my relationships, and there's very few people in my life that I know that down the road will always be there for me in ten years. I worry that because I went through pain in the past, the future would lead to pain, suffering, as well. Therefore, I begin to doubt if I truly deserve to be happy. I doubt if I will ever meet a guy, a significant other, that will make me happy. I mean I am getting there with changing my schema. But, a small silver of doubt still remains.
Because of this doubt, I am more than sure that it has prevented me from finding  happiness. I understand that I am scared, but I am realizing basing something off of what happened with a completely different person just hurts yourself. If you protect yourself from falling in love, feeling indifferent by it, or something along those lines than you will only hurt yourself. My friend and I were talking about this the other day. She met someone who she liked very much. Unfortunately, based on her schema of how guys treated her in the past, she felt that he was going to be like that too. It wasn't until after he had left her, she truly realized that he was the one for her. Or something along those lines. Due to the doubt she had in the person that existed in her present (past now) she put walls up, and basically hurt herself in the process. 
Doubt exists  in all of us. It's based on our pasts, ready to come in like wrecking ball to our future. The thing that we can do is to make sure that we can't let it get to us. Otherwise, it would cause us to be hurt. What we can be is cautious, because we don't know what the future brings. We don't know who is going to hurt us, but we have the power to be hurt. We can not it prevent is from happening, it will come to get you wherever you're hiding. Don't doubt yourself. Don't let them get to you. Or at least try not to anyways. 

During the next year, I plan to use some of the prompts from her book as entries. Some however will remain private. I strongly encourage you to get this book, because it really does encourage positive thinking and self evaluation. I think that's important to find self actualization, because I want to truly become happy with myself, and the world. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Society and the Single Girl-The Nun

Sometimes, I feel like I am the nun in my group. I don't drink, smoke, and I don't have sex. I feel like compared to my friends, I am not considered to be fun, or cool. Even though I am no longer in high school, where being cool is semi important, I still feel like I'm the nerd of my group of my friends. 
I choose not to drink (although I do plan to drink wine at dinner when I'm old enough), and I don't think that I'll ever become a smoker. As for the sex thing, I really don't feel like I am old or mature enough to make an informed decision about it. I've never been in an official serious relationship, so therefore I have not been in a place where I could consider it. 
Often when on the table at girls night I feel like the one whose always restricted. The one whose always bond by her strange views of the world. I sometimes feel like I am the one who doesn't know how to have fun. The one who doesn't know how to let her hair down. The one that doesn't drink, smoke, or rat her hair. Kind of like Sandra Dee but with skinny jeans.
But my kind of fun isn't going to clubs, or it isn't getting wasted every weekend either. My kind of fun is going out to dinner, seeing a movie/play/musical, getting coffee, and reading books. When I am at home, I write and I read. It's not much of a life, but hey it's something. I like to shop, perhaps a bit too much, and I like to go and see the world. Once, I was talking to a guy, and he asked what I liked to do for fun. I told him and then he basically insulted what I enjoyed to do. If it's not fun, or you don't like it than you don't have to inject your opinion in it. 
I guess that I will never understand the drinking aspect of college. I do my best not to judge those who do, but I just don't get it. There are multiple ways for you to have fun without booze. Argumentably, I've heard that things are more fun with booze, but there are ways for you to have fun without it. I may be the nun in my group, but for the most part I am okay with that. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014 Reading Bucket List

Okay, so I've been really into reading ever since I was little. Recently, I rediscovered my nook, and I have decided to use it rather than just let it sit there. So, I've decided to make a list of books that I wanted to read during the year of 2014, and here's the thing; ACTUALLY READ THEM.

  • Staying Strong by Demi Lovato. Okay, let me say that Demi is my homegirl. But her book is awesome. I just downloaded it yesterday, and the book is talking about staying strong everyday of the year. My goal with this book is to (starting on January 1st) read it everyday and embrace some of her positive energy. I think that being positive is the first step to making something really and truly great. 
  • The rest of the Pretty Little Liars books. My friend Alessia got me hooked on these books, and I read the first two within days. I can't wait to read the rest, because they are so intense. You literally can't put the books down, so I really want to finish the books. And then watch the show. 
  • The Fame Game series by Lauren Conrad. I love Lauren Conrad in general, and her books are awesome. I've read L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies, and Sugar and Spice over the summer. Now that I heard that she has more books out, I want to read those as well. 
  • An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Okay, so John Green is amazing. I really want to read this book, because it looks really interesting. I mean a guy that only dates girls named Katherine? Come on. That's pretty interesting. 
  • Looking for Alaska by John Green. I really like John Green's books, and I really want to get around to finishing them all this year. I honestly don't know what this book is about, but I'm looking foreward to reading it. 
  • The One and Only by Emily Giffin. Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors. My favorite book of all time is Something Borrowed. This is the only book by her that I haven't read by her, so I am expecting that this book will be really good. 
  • Dreamland, Keeping the Moon, The Moon and More and The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. Sarah Dessen is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors too. I'm lucky that the library that I work at has them. I really like her books because they remind me of summer. Like the others, I can't put them down as well. 
  • Blog Inc. Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community. I saw this while reading a few of Rachel from Sunshine and Sinatra's old blog entries, and I feel like as a blogger, that might be something that I should read to give my blog a bigger mark in the blogger world. 
Okay, so it looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of reading in this new year! What is on your reading bucket list? 
(the images have been provided to you by google images. Thank you google)