Saturday, December 28, 2013

That Guy

There is something to be said about that guy. You know, the guy that you meet and it changes you. You want to impress him. You want to get to know him, and you are self conscious about every malfunctioned word that comes out of your mouth. He is someone who, once you get to know, isn't what you expected. He has his insecurities, he has his faults, and he sure as hell isn't perfect. At the same time, he's sort of perfect.
That guy is someone who is the one who makes you want to change the world. He's not like the other ones, so you stop comparing them to the past contenders of your heart. You begin to realize that even though it may hurt or it may not end well, it's okay to feel something for him. Sometimes, the best things in life are worth getting hurt for. Then, the fear melts away like candle wax. It, like the people before him, have become a thing of the past.
The best thing about that guy, is meeting someone who truly makes everything okay. He listens when you talk, and he's just a nice person to be around. He makes you want to listen to Taylor Swift songs, makes you feel like your dancing on air, and you feel like you're a million bucks. It's crazy and it doesn't make much sense. But that feeling of smiling when he says you're great? It kind of does, although we lack the answers as to the logistics of it.
There comes a point when you realize that everyone deserves a happy ending. You can hide your fears and your insecurities by humor. But then, you realize that maybe, just maybe, a fairy tale is in your future too. 
Just maybe.

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