Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things I Love Thursday; My iPad

Okay so my mom is basically the queen of finding a good deal on stuff. (She is a QVC hound, so if you guys are looking for a good deal on stuff, check there.) Anyways, so one day she happened to be watching it when the Today's Special Value came on. (For those of you who are not QVC hounds like my mom, that's basically like the best deal that they have to offer for the day.) And there was an iPad 2 with accessories available for the low price of $600. And we're talking a keyboard, headphones, car charger, all that jazz. Anyways, since my computer was on the outs, my mom decided to buy me one for Christmas and give it to me early.
Thank you mom for that.
I recommend the iPad for pretty much anyone. I love it because I can type papers on it using Google Drive, do anything that I would normally use social media for, and of course blog. As a blogger and a writer I like it because I can do my blogging with a small but convenient device. The entries come out so much easier on it, than they do on my computer. As a student, I enjoy bringing it to class to write out my notes. Since it's so small, I can fit it in my bag. Writing notes is actually easier ever since I started bringing them in, because I type a thousand times faster than I do writing, therefore getting more information than I would if I were handwritten. When I'm done, it just saves right into my Google Drive. If you're a college student, you should honestly consider it.
I also use my iPad for fun things to. My personal favorite app is actually the Amazon and the Facebook app. Using these apps on a tablet are ten times more easier than using it on my phone. Plus, since it's on a bigger screen, it's a lot easier to see than the little iPhone one. The app store has tons of cool games to play, although personally I have never gotten other than candy crush.
Overall, the iPad makes an excellent gift for pretty much anyone in your life. I recommend it for just about anyone. And once you get it, I am sure that you wouldn't be able to imagine life without it.

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