Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dating Dealer Breakers

Okay so every girl out there has a list that's a mile long of things that they want in a potential guy. And if you don't you're lying. And that may float your boat, so that's cool. I, on the other hand, have one of those lists, however it's a list of my dating turnoffs. Call me a pessmist, but at least I know what I don't want. Somehow, it's better.

You Can't Date Me If;

  • You can't at least tolerate homosexuals. One of my best friends is gay, and he's a major part of my life. I am not saying that you have to become bests friends, or to change your own views.  But, if you insult him in my presence, than it's a problem. This is actually one of the biggest deal breakers for me because if you can't at least respect my friends and their way of life, than I can't respect you. 
  • You don't respect the fact that I want to do things that don't involve you. Yes, that sounds harsh. I am sorry but, I can't be around someone 24/7. I am not even near my phone that much. I like you, but I have other things in my life too. My friends, this blog, my family, my position as a writer for the school's paper, my job, and the other hobbies that keep me busy. Yes, if you're my boyfriend, you are a priority. But, keep in mind, that we have more than one priorities in life. 
  • I can't date you if you pressure me into doing things  that I am not comfortable doing. It's a big turnoff when someone's too aggressive with me. Yes, you're hormones are raging and you want me bad. That's awesome bro. But, trying to make me uncomfortable by pressuring me into doing something isn't cool. I have a funny story (that may or may not be featured in this blog). Literally pressuring me to be in a relationship with you or going farther than I want to is a huge no-no for me. If I like you, then you will probably know it and be in a relationship with me. Besides, a good relationship is when BOTH parties wanting it. Not just go being a jerk. Plus, being pressured to do something isn't exactly cool either.
I know it sounds like I'm being picky, but I honestly don't care. Those are the things that I don't want in a guy, and I really can't deal with them. What are your dating deal breakers? Comment below! 

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