Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Straight-edged, not Straight Laced."

Lately, I've been in touch with thinking about my sobriety. On a college campus, of course I have to come in contact with that. I've realized that drinking is something that I'm really not comfortable with doing. If I wanted to put mind altering poison in my body, I mean I would resort to drinking, but I'm just not into it. I mean, I tried it, because of the forbidden fruit theory (meaning that the more people tell you not to do it, the more into it you become) and really didn't enjoy it. But my peers dug it because they thought that it was cool. It was for them, but not for me.
I'm now straightedged. That means I'm not into that drinking and smoking shit. That doesn't make me a prude, and if you do it I won't judge you. I will however, if you're a close friend of mine, be concerned about your wellbeing, but the key thing here is that it's not my thing. I'm not straightlaced, and I know how to have fun. I don't think you need a bong or a shot to say that you're having a good time. (especially if it's a prom or something, wouldn't it be something that you want to remember) If you need to be drunk to have a good time, then you have some serious probelms.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Do They Really Know What's Best?

They say that mother does know best. I'm sure that line has appeared several times in your life. Probably even used by your own maternal figure. I know my mother uses that line quite faithfully. But my question here, is do they?
A mother is a bunch of things. A mother is a best friend who knows whats best for you. She's often the one to turn to when in crisis, because she's probably been there herself, and has a more worldly experience due to the fact of age.
However, sometimes that phrase doesn't apply. An example of this is basically the matters of the heart. As I mentioned in a previous entry, no one really knows what's best for you but yourself. An example of this happened recently with a friend. Her mother wanted her to break up with her boyfriend, and literally drove her to her boyfriend's house so she can break up with her. Whether her mother had good reasons of doing so, that's her feelings. However, only the girl can only know what's best for her. Only she can know that.
My mother sometimes thinks she knows what's best for me, especially in the romantic department. However, I don't exactly think of my mother as a great source, simply because due to the fact that she's been through a divorce, her perception is different then mine. As much as I love my mother, I hope she realizes that there are certain choices that need to be made by me. I know what's best for me. I love her input, but at the end of the day, I know what's best for me.
Mothers. They do know what's best, for them. But sometimes, the best thing to do is let a butterfly fly to where it's destined to be.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fear; Part Two.

Lately my life has been a blur of one word. Future. The word that I've been trying to avoid for my entire life, its finally no longer able to avoid. I can't no longer avoid it.
I worry that I will become a loser, and fail. I worry that I'll be one of those who doesn't end up living a successful life, or find a job. I wonder if I chose to follow my dreams, will I end up a failure cause of it? Or even, if that's what I really want. Of course, I want to write. I want to write the books that will inspire people of all ages to dream, to imagine, and to grow. I want to be something big. I know it's going to be hard, but in the end, I know it's going to be worth it. But, what if I'm not good at this writing thing? What if I'm actually a horrible writer, and people just tell me that I'm good so I won't cry? What if I'm just going to end up an English teacher? (nothing wrong with teaching, it's just not the life I would choose for me) What if I'm never going to find a job, and going to have to flip burgers for the rest of my life?
I don't want to happen. Of course not. But sometimes, I wonder if I'm going to fail. Or screw up. I shouldn't, but here is fear, front and center.
Maybe, failure is something that makes us stronger. I look at the greats and I know that they went through the same thing that I did.
And I know that I too, will overcome it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have a fear of a lot of things. For example, I'm afraid of heights. Like petrified. I can't even go up stairs without worrying that I'll fall. That's why I always walk ever so slowly up them, and annoy the other people behind me. (sorry people)
But, sometimes fears can cause us to miss out of wonderful, awesome things. And then we realize years later what they cause us to miss out on. Sometimes, it can be being able to sky dive. I mean, I would be too afraid to actually do it. But I'm sure it's such a great experience that one wouldn't mind experiencing.
Yesterday, I was watching Eat Pray Love. And it was towards the movie, when Liz and that guy that she likes so much are about to get into a boat, when she gets scared and runs. I began to wonder if I myself was afraid and how it let me be weary of the awesome things that were right in front of me. Maybe we're all afraid deep down, and we end up letting it get the best of us. Maybe we let our scars get in the way of what we could be.
How do we get rid of these fears? We face them. We can say fuck them, or we can let them get to us, and destroy what's around us like a hurricane. It's up to us to let these fears get to us. But, sometimes, they are worth letting go.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Relationship is Like a Shoe...

I believe that a relationship is like a shoe. I believe this is like a shoe, because shoes are basically programmed to be fit by one person, and relationships, I believe are the same. They are made for you. Some can wear certain shoes. Others can't. The same goes for relationships. Some can do certain things, others can not.
I may not be in a relationship myself, unless you count my deep infatuation with Luke Bryan..(Hey, he's HOT), but I do think that it's something that's different for everyone. Some people have the relationship by pen pal or by email. Some people die without seeing their loved one for minutes. (or text. This is called obession folks.) Everyone has their different scenarios for their relationship issues.
The thing that does annoy me, which inspired me the most for writing this article, is that people always have something to say about someone's relationship. Leave them alone. It's their issue. If they are happy, then let them be happy. They know what their happiness is, probably better than you can. I understand that everyone has to say something, and you have your own opinions, but I feel like you need to also respect the parties that are involved. They know what's right for them better than you do. So, put your opinions where the sun don't shine.
This is also why I also refuse relationship advice. People don't exactly know how I'm feeling, and what is right for me, rather than them. I do often ask what people do think of the matter, but end up doing what's right for me in the end. 
Overal, I think what's right for one shouldn't be the overall way of being right for all. Don't think that something is right for someone is right for you. It was right for them. Not you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pyschology of Mean Girls.

Mean girls. Who haven't seen that classic of a movie? It's a staple for the twenty first century, a comedy, a tragedy just like Romeo and Juliet. It's something quoted by many, some people have even used it in their senior quotes. But, while watching it, the pysch minor in me analyzed it and came up with a few analytic approaches of this iconic movie:
  • Regina George has a narcisstic personality disorder. Narcisstic personality disorder is when one has a high impression of themself, and think that everything they do is amazing. Regina is a an example of this because she has a rather high opinion of herself, thinking that she's the hottest girl around, and always saying "duh" whenever she recieves a compliment about her said abilities and good looks.
  • The entire school suffers from the fundamental attribution error because based on a person's actions and status, they tend to make a judgement about the other person. They could be a nice person for that matter. Then again, that's high school, because in high school, everyone talks. 
  • Cady's drastic change in herself to become Regina. In her unconscious mind, she secretly wants to be like her, so she starts to act like her. She's also experience cognitive dissonence because she says that she hates Regina George, but really she admires her. 
  • We also see Freud's use of defense mechanisms here. Regina is like this the most with the way she deals with her anxiouity. She takes out her innermost emotions out on others, such as her insecurities with her weight, and herself. 
  • The most important part of the movie is that we see that Regina is not totally a bad person. She's actually kind of cool. She's like us; she's insecure, and just wants to be loved. And who doesn't want to be loved?
You go glen coco!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Recently, the topic of bullying has come to my attention due to a story I read about a teen whose committed sucide because she was bullied. Her name was Amanda Todd. She was bullied online, by a predator posting pictures of her topless online, and being made fun of and even now after death people still mock her. I think that this is terrible.
Raise your hand if you've ever been bullied by someone in your life, whether it may be in elementary, middle or high school, college, or even later in life by a boss or other figure. Chances all of your hands would be raised. Bullying is something that should be ended.
What defines bullying? According to, the definition of a bully is an intimidating action done to intimidate others, preferably weaker beings. The causes of bullying can range from someone having troubles from an different layer of their life, where they would want to apply the power to a different circle of their life, to them just being an asshole. 
Nonetheless, bullying is WRONG. You hear that, WRONG. You shouldn't treat others in a way that you yourself shouldn't want to be treated. You shouldn't put your hands on someone else, unless they want a hug or a handshake or something like that. Bullying is something that should be stopped. Like now.  
And to those who have been bullied, or are being bullied right now, know I feel you. You are not alone. There are a lot of people out there who at some point who have been bullied by someone. Remember this too will pass. Remember that you are awesome, and you will one day rule the world. Stop bullying. Together, we as a internet community can do just that, if each and every person reading this vows to follow that Golden Rule. Maybe then, we can live in a more peaceful world, where at long last, we can have peace on Earth. 
Together, we can make the difference. 

Friday, October 12, 2012


People who know me personally know that I take a lot of pictures. And by a lot, I mean the one thousand pictures that I'm tagged in on facebook. And, well to be honest, I like taking pictures, whether they are of myself, or of something or someone, because it freezes that moment in time. It makes that moment last forever, and when you look back onto that picture, it brings you back into that moment of time. You may laugh, and smile because the memory is a good one. You may be embarassed because of your clothes or hairstyle at the time. You may be sad, because the memory strikes a cord in your heart.
Photographs are the things that we are left behind. Photographs are sometimes the only thing remaining of the past when the past is gone. The last remainders of someone whose gone, the way that we can see someone who is no longer with us.
Today marks a year since my grandfather's passing. And so today, to make up for his presence of not being here actually, I will look at photographs. A year ago, they made me cry to even look at. Now, they make me smile, because he wouldn't like to see us cry.
I hope that I'm making you proud grandpa! I miss you!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Simple Song.

Last night, I was watching the show Nashville. I honestly can say that I loved it, it's one of my favorite things that I've watched in a very long time. You see, I'm very critical when it comes to new shows, and especially new music. Anyways, I've been inspired when I was watching the show. Music is something that has been a huge part of the way that we communicate. It's how we connect to the world. It's like poetry, with pretty music in the background. Its a message, with a pretty way of presenting ourselves.
I'm a poet, and I've been considering myself to be a musical aficionado. So, I wrote a simple song, called A Little Too Late. It may suck, but ohh well, YOLO bitch.

A Little Too Late. 
Another day goes by, 
Another tear outta my eye, 
I keep on wondering of what could;
I should have said something; oh, I know I should. 
I was afraid, I know.
I don't know how to let my feelings show. 
And before I lay down every night;
Oh yeah, that's whats right:
Hey Lord, am I too late? 
Have I entered the troubled waters of fate? 
I've gotton my heart broken twice, 
I just need your good advice
Am I too late? 
Is life all but a time or date?
 Second chances are rare, 
All I want you is there. 
I want another chance, 
May I have this dance? 
What can I say, 
I need to know which way.
Sometimes, you just gotta seize the day;
You never know if it will or won't go that way.
I often wish I could have one more chance, 
I can assure you with confidence
It will be okay
Well, what can I say?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Easy Smores!

One of my favorite foods of all time is the classic smore. Unfortunately, the campfire ain't exactly my scene, so I've tried to improvise, and I've FINALLY found a winner. Therefore, readers, I must share it with you.

For this you will need:
  • A couple of grahm crackers. 
  • Chocolate with marshmellow center. 
Basically, all you do is stick the chocolate between the two crackers, and you're good. I've never tried it warm..but if y'all do, please let me know...

Also: I would like also to ask all of my readers out there for a little help with something. I'm currently working on a novel, and I need names for all of my minor characters, because I can't figure out what the hell to name these people. Any ideas would be appericated.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

MY voice. MY Vote 2012

As everyone probably knows, there was a major debate on last night, where the two presidential canidates battled it out on the big stage. I won't say whose side I'm on, but I do think that we all should take this whole politics thing seriously. Why? Because it's the future of our country. Students, we'll  be the ones running this show soon, we should pay attention to the issues and vote for someone who we see fit to have the job as president. People older than students, we should be try to find someone that will make the country a safe place to live in, not just for you, and your children, but the generations after. Like seriously. These things are important to think about because we need to shape up our country today for a better tomorrow.
What is tommorow? We will never have a utopia of a country, let's face it. There will always be flaws in the goverment, like the humans who run it. But our ultimate goal of the goverment, it's ultimate mission should be to make this country safe for everyone, for everyone to have the option to have healthcare, and everyone who wants a job to have one. EVERY couple, gay straight or transgender should have the right to be married in a wedding of their choice. Old people should have the right to retire without having to worry that they are running out of money so that if they got sick, they don't have to worry about care.
That's the tommorow I see. I want you all to think about your tommorows. What do you want the most? A family? Career? What will get you to there?
Think about that this election day. Who will get you to where you want to be?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Simply Snoopy.

For those of you who know me personally, you'll know that I have a snoopy obession. Personally, he's the cutest darn beagle...well ever. Especially when he dances around and flies an airplane. Yeah, that beagle can do just about anything.
Tommorow is Snoopy's 62nd birthday (my he looks good for his age, if I do say so myself.) And I wanted to take a moment to dedicate my blog to him, because he's the world's most awesome cartoon beagle ever made. He's inspired me so much to be great and to be adventurous. Snoopy is legit the world's most awesome person ever. And he's a beagle. He dances and his friendship with Woodstock is well solid. He's so cute, and is one of the few people who actually can cheer me up when I'm down. He's a chef, he's a pilot, he's a writer. He's a busy little dog.
So happy birthday Snoopy. Thanks for being awesome for 62 years!