Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Relationship is Like a Shoe...

I believe that a relationship is like a shoe. I believe this is like a shoe, because shoes are basically programmed to be fit by one person, and relationships, I believe are the same. They are made for you. Some can wear certain shoes. Others can't. The same goes for relationships. Some can do certain things, others can not.
I may not be in a relationship myself, unless you count my deep infatuation with Luke Bryan..(Hey, he's HOT), but I do think that it's something that's different for everyone. Some people have the relationship by pen pal or by email. Some people die without seeing their loved one for minutes. (or text. This is called obession folks.) Everyone has their different scenarios for their relationship issues.
The thing that does annoy me, which inspired me the most for writing this article, is that people always have something to say about someone's relationship. Leave them alone. It's their issue. If they are happy, then let them be happy. They know what their happiness is, probably better than you can. I understand that everyone has to say something, and you have your own opinions, but I feel like you need to also respect the parties that are involved. They know what's right for them better than you do. So, put your opinions where the sun don't shine.
This is also why I also refuse relationship advice. People don't exactly know how I'm feeling, and what is right for me, rather than them. I do often ask what people do think of the matter, but end up doing what's right for me in the end. 
Overal, I think what's right for one shouldn't be the overall way of being right for all. Don't think that something is right for someone is right for you. It was right for them. Not you.

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