Thursday, October 4, 2012

MY voice. MY Vote 2012

As everyone probably knows, there was a major debate on last night, where the two presidential canidates battled it out on the big stage. I won't say whose side I'm on, but I do think that we all should take this whole politics thing seriously. Why? Because it's the future of our country. Students, we'll  be the ones running this show soon, we should pay attention to the issues and vote for someone who we see fit to have the job as president. People older than students, we should be try to find someone that will make the country a safe place to live in, not just for you, and your children, but the generations after. Like seriously. These things are important to think about because we need to shape up our country today for a better tomorrow.
What is tommorow? We will never have a utopia of a country, let's face it. There will always be flaws in the goverment, like the humans who run it. But our ultimate goal of the goverment, it's ultimate mission should be to make this country safe for everyone, for everyone to have the option to have healthcare, and everyone who wants a job to have one. EVERY couple, gay straight or transgender should have the right to be married in a wedding of their choice. Old people should have the right to retire without having to worry that they are running out of money so that if they got sick, they don't have to worry about care.
That's the tommorow I see. I want you all to think about your tommorows. What do you want the most? A family? Career? What will get you to there?
Think about that this election day. Who will get you to where you want to be?

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