Monday, June 30, 2014

What do Graduations and Birthdays Equal?

The Rachael Way
Hi there everyone! I've decided to join Rachel and Lisa this Monday for their Weekly Wrap Up! Basically, I'm going to tell you about all of the crazy stuff that I've been up to this past week, when in reality it's not that exciting. 
My Mom's Birthday!
On Saturday, my mom turned 53. Originally, I was planning to give her a gold Mom Alex and Ani, and take her out for lunch. However, that didn't happen, because Maggie, our Rhodesian Ridgeback got really sick. So we had to take her to the emergency pet room, where luckily she was diagnosed with a stomach bug. Unfortunately, it ruined any places to go anywhere, but we're planning to celebrate it on another day.

My Best Friend Elisia's 21st! 
Also on Saturday, my best friend Elisa turned  21! (It was a hard decision choosing between her and my mom, but I went out for lunch with my mom, and dinner with her) We went to Olive Garden, where she ordered her very first legal drink! Happy birthday girl! I am so happy that I got to celebrate with you!
Griffin graduated high school! 
For those of you who don't know, Griffin is one of my best friends. Naturally, I wouldn't miss his graduation from high school for the world! Since our town graduates in a football field, that made it even more possible. I'm glad that I was able to make it. Congrats, Griffin! I am very proud of you! Keep up being awesome! 
(Griffin and I)

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ciao! Benevenuto nel mio blog! Questo domenica, scrivo in italiano. Parlo Italiano per cinque anni. Ho prenduto tre anni al liceo e un anni alla università. Ho un amica viva alla Italia. Sono preoccupato che il mio italiano è sempre un po 'arrugginito così ho voluto iniziare a scrivere un blog o due a settimana. Con l'aiuto di google translate, io sono così entusiasti di portare questo al mio blog. Io amo parlare italiano, e mi auguro che questo ispiri tutti voi di prendere un altro linguaggio. Spero che andare Italia nel futuro. La prossima settimana, vorrei discutere alcune delle cose che farò se mai avrò la possibilità di andare lì.

English Translation:
Hi! Welcome to my blog. This Sunday, I am writing in Italian. I've been speaking Italian for 5 years. I've taken three years in high school, and one year at the university. I have one friend who lives in Italy. I am worried that my Italian is getting rusty, so I'm going to write in Italian once or twice a week.  With the help of Google Translate, I am excited to bring this to my blog. I love to talk in Italian, and I hope that I can inspire you to take another language. I hope to go to Italy in the future. Next week, I will discuss what I want to do, if I ever get to go there.

*Translation issues? Feel free to contact me. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

He and She Saturdays-Even Those on Diets Are Hungry for Love.

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We ended up at some Italian restaurant that was probably family owned. Andrew must have been there thousands of times before, with his family, because the host shook his hand and acknowledged him by name. Andrew blushed as the owner went on about how pretty I was, and how much it was a pleasure to meet the apple of Andrew’s eye. Andrew probably wanted to crawl under a rock, which was okay because that proved that he really liked me. At least, that’s what Daphne told me.
            “So you come here often?” I asked, trying to make a joke out of it. I didn’t want him to think that he was making a fool out of himself, you know. For the first time in my life, I found someone that was in fact falling for me in the same way that I was falling for them, and I wasn’t sure what the hell I was feeling. Happiness, maybe? Sadness, because who knows what what would come out of it. Love, yes. But I’ve read too many Nicholas Sparks novels to know that there could be a bridge under troubled waters to know what was really going to happen.
            He nodded. “My mom used to date the owner.”
            “And that’s not awkward?” I asked.
            “Not really. They were kids, so now they are just old friends.”
            “And regulars at their restaurant?” I asked.
            He laughed. It’s also a good sign when a guy laughs at your jokes. It shows that they are in fact into you. That’s always a good thing.
            “Yes”, he said. “I guess that sometimes that happens too.”
            I smiled. “I think I like you Andrew.” As soon as I said them, I wished that I could take them back. What if it was too soon into this for us to really be so blunt when it came to those things? What if I was the only one who was feeling the buzz of a first date? I was left on the limb that I had taken all by myself. What did he have to say for himself?

            He smiled, and then said “I think that I like you too. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Friday, June 27, 2014

This Summer So Far...A Photo Diary

One of the cool things about being a blogger is the excessive amounts of photos that you take. However, I want to show them off to more people than my Facebook friends, family, and Instagram Followers. So, I've decided to include some of my photos that I've taken over the past month or so in this Photo Diary.
Instagram photo by thatssonatalie - 'He used to call me d.n that stood for deadly nightshade cause I was filled with passion but blessed with beauty and rage' #lanadelrey #ultraviolence #finallyInstagram photo by thatssonatalie - 🌊#beach #latergram #summerInstagram photo by thatssonatalie - 🌸 #flowers #scsuInstagram photo by thatssonatalie - Is finger candy a thing? 💍 #rings #silver #jewelryInstagram photo by thatssonatalie - If you don't take a selfie, did you really go to Starbucks? ☕️ #starbucks #friends #typical #selfies
All of these photos have been taken between May 8th, 2014, and June 20th, 2014. All are my own and have been edited by Instagram, or PicFx. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014


One of my favorite things in the world is bracelets. I love jewelry, but I like bracelets the best because you can stack them up and make a different look with each and every one that you were. Most of the bracelets that I enjoy wearing often have some sort of meaning to them. Here's some of my favorite #armcandy for the summer!

                            Purple Bracelet; made by me           *see below for list of Alex and Ani
                            Love Life and Life Will Love You Back

right, center, and left made by yours truly

                                                       Bottom; pearl bracelet-QVC
                                                       Heart bracelet-Kohls

*Alex and Ani- Om, Saint Anthony, Lotus, Path of Life, Mermaid, Evil Eye, What's for you won't pass you, N, Ruby, Endless Love Knot, Peace, Daughter, and Feather. All from Alex and Ani

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why I Love The Beach

The beach is one of my favorite places on earth. I love the fact that I'm able to just go somewhere, and relax. In honor of my love for the beach, I often wear a starfish necklace. Anyways, back to what I was saying. The beach is the place where I often went with my grandparents growing up, which in turn gave me the appreciation of the beach. To this day, I can't go onto a beach without hearing my grandma yell at my cousins' and I adventure through out the water, or my grandfather sitting at his chair at the front porch. Here's some awesome pictures that I've taken during my last trip to the beach.
 Each of these pictures were taken during different times. The upper one was taken on my way around when I first got there. The bottom, which is one of my favorites, was taken during my last minutes there. Both pictures are my favorite ones, in addition to some awesome ones with my friend's sister, (whose also my friend),  which she posed for. But, all and all, I am honored to say that the beach is my favorite summer hang out, even when I get killer sunburn.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why It's Awesome to Be Single

It seems like everyone wants to be in a relationship, or wants us to be in a relationship. However, we don't realize something. It's okay to be single. In fact, it's really awesome to be single. Here's why it's okay to be single, and enjoy it.So many times, when people are in relationships, or even desperately want one, they often forget that it's okay to be single. And celebrate it, as Jess does in the picture above.
You can focus on you. When you're in a relationship, you often wonder what that other person wants, and want to please them. But, when you're single, you then realize what you want. If you want to go binge-watch a TV show, go ahead. If you want to go partying it up with the ladies, you don't have to worry about whose waiting for you at home. Instead, you can focus on living in the moment with your girls.
Instead of buying them presents, you can buy more things for you. Even though you like to buy your boyfriend countless things, you have got to admit that it can cost you a ton of money. Being single, you don't have to worry about that. You can spend your money on that brand new Alex and Ani, a pair of shoes, or even all of the above. Being single could be good on your wallet, unless you're a shopaholic.
You can do whatever you want! One of the things about having a boyfriend is that you're always working on seeing each other, or spending the evening out at date night. Single people? Well if you don't want to go out, then you don't have to. If you want to go out, then you go out. It's as simple as that.
You have awesome single girl music to jam out to. All the single ladies, put your hands up! Single girl music is much more fun to rock out to then love songs, don't you think?

Monday, June 23, 2014

I Could Have Done Better.

 Griffin and I; 2012
Tonight, one of my best friends in the entire world graduates high school. His name is Griffin, and I've had the privilege of getting to watch him over the past four years mature into the young adult that they are today. Griffin is one of the few people in this world who honestly I can call my best friend, because other than the fact that he is truly awesome, he's someone whose always been there for me. Congratulations, Griffin! I look forward to hearing about all of your super-powers that you can share with everyone at college. Don't forget your favorite blogger/journalist. I can't wait to watch you graduate, like you did for me two years ago. Love, your favorite adult.

In honor of my high school graduating tonight, I wanted to reflect on my experiences as a student in high school, which were different than my college ones. In high school, I wasn't exactly the smartest person ever. Out of all of my friends, I had taken the least amount of AP classes. I barely studied, or did any of my homework efficiently. When I did, I often rushed it. This as you can imagine left me unable to produce my best work. I often slacked off, and was often found on Facebook for at least three or four hours a day. Clearly, I could have done better.
If I had to redo high school, the first thing that I could do would be to try harder. To realize that my social life had to be last. In high school, I was more concerned with meeting guys than I was making the grade. If I had tried that amount of effort I spent despairing that I didn't have a boyfriend than maybe I would have gotten a lot high GPA than I did. I now know how to study, and to push myself when need be. I realized that from high school, I got the easy ride. I took too many easy A classes, especially my senior year. If I had taken one or two more, I probably could have been done with some of my college requirements. (my school accepts AP credits if their passing.) Yes, that would have been a lot more work, but now looking back at it, I really could have handled it.
High school did have it's good points though. I met two of my closest friends. Griffin, pictured above, was through my high school band class, where I was the best flute player, ever. I tried really hard at music to become the best flute player that I could be. I also met Gabriel through a class that we had during high school. It's wierd to think that meeting them was three or four years ago. It's also weird to think that we're still friends too. Having both of them as my friends to this day is an exciting thing because they really taught me to become more curious and more accepting. I hope to maintain both of these friendships for the rest of my life, because they are really great friends to have.
Another part of high school that I'm truly happy that I did was the badminton team. I've played badminton for half of my high school career, and the experience was amazing. I made friendships with some girls with whom I'm close with too today, and played a sport that I truly loved. Playing that sport gave me confidence, in addition to the support I needed when my grandfather died in 2011. Those girls truly became a family, even though we had constant injuries. I wish that there was a badminton team here at my college, because that would make life a heck of a lot more fun. I guess you can say that the newspaper is my new team? Speaking of which, I was a part of my high school's newspaper as well, however, I didn't actually become serious about it until much later.
High school never ends. Some people regret high school, because they were bullied, hated it, or all of the above. However, I truly miss high school, but I have no regrets for what I've done. If I haven't, I wouldn't be the person that I am today. High school was a battle that I clearly won hands down. However, there's still more time to improve, cause I wanna get better.
I wrote this the day I graduated!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

This Is Only The Beginning.

The following is a one of my more personal at your own risks.
In life, we wear many titles and hats. We are our parents children, our teachers' students, and our significant others' soulmates. We're people who wander around aimlessly, and only stop until we find something that just feels right. Then we stay there, until something else feels uncomfortable, and suddenly, just like that, we're left to do nothing but wander. It's an endless cycle, in which we have no control over what exactly goes on. It can even become a cycle, in which you rinse and repeat.
I'm almost twenty years old, and I've been single for pretty much most of it. I've been involved in three or four trivial relationships, a few flirtationships which one ended badly, and of course that one serious sorta relationship that ended like a train-wreck. I guess the serious question here is how did I get there.
With everything I've learned, whether in life or in love, I believe it's a lesson. I've had so many trials and errors, and to be honest it's exhausting after a while to find where this person that's supposedly the one that's our future partner. But, as Dory says, we keep on swimming. Where to? Well, man I don't know.
Over the years, my views on pretty much everything pretty much changed. So have my views on relationships. When I was younger I wanted what you see in the movies, you know the ones that were previously a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. Well, I like that version as much as the next gal, but it's not real. Now, I want someone to be there for me, and be my guidepost in life. I want someone to say 'I think you're pretty,' when you don't feel pretty. I want someone to realize that it's okay to make mistakes, and not be perfect. I'm surely not. I want someone who can grow with me, not tell me to go a certain way. I want someone to enlighten me in books, to push me to become a better person as a whole, and of course to understand my crazy sense of humor. It's hard to find someone like that.
As I wander through life, it's safe to say I don't know what I want for me right now. Yes, I want a relationship. Timing is never my thing, because man timing is something that many of us can't get right. I mean, come on you really have to be on your a-game here. There's something about the whole meant to be, and the whole getting the timing right.
I've written countless blog entries over the years about trying to find the one. But four years later, I still have yet to find him. So, why am I looking? I could use this time to wander around aimlessly, and enjoy every turn of the way that life gives me. I've done a lot to be proud of, from surviving two years of college, switching my major to one that makes me happy, and of course, meeting a lot of people that have changed me forever. It sure beats becoming a guy hound, and searching for love's scent everywhere I turn. And, that's what I'm doing.
Eventually, my prince will come in fairytale style attire, and all decked out with his white horse. Or he can be a rebel and go with the black, because really black is much cooler than white at any means. Well, anyways you get the point. In someways, I guess that you can say that I've found some sort of happiness, and a voice. However, I'd say that this is only the beginning.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five-Chick Flicks for the Win

Ahh, yes. Romantic chick flicks that involve Prince Charming, a quirky yet witty girl, and of course a happy ending. I am guilty of liking those movies, as are most of you. I have compiled a list of my all time favorite chick-flicks.
Runaway Bride
Sex and the City 1 &2
 Sex and the City Movie Poster - sex-and-the-city-the-movie Photo
Dirty Dancing
Pretty Woman
 What are your favorite chick-flicks? Comment below!
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things I Love Thursday-EOS Chapstick Eggs

How many of you own or have seen those egg-shaped chopsticks? now let me ask you how many of you are looking for an awesome chapstick? Well, look no more. The products created by EOS (Evolution of Smooth) have been the best chapstick that I have ever tried.
Now, why do I enjoy this chapstick? In my opinion, what makes a good chapstick is that it smells really good, have little to no tint to it, and of course, it isn't too pricy. EOS chapstick eggs do all of this and more. Since the products are natural, it's long-lasting, and not that harmful to our lips. I hate it when chopsticks don't do the job for you, and you're constantly reapplying them.
There are many awesome flavors for this awesome chapstick are mint, summer breeze, and pomegranate raspberry.
All and all I don't swear by that many beauty products, but these lip balms are the absolute best. Want one? You can find them at your local drugstore, such as CVS and Walgreens, in addition to beauty supply stores such as Ulta. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forgiveness and Stuff

Forgiveness is one of those tricky things that no one knows the right way of doing. Every person on the planet honestly has their own way of forgiving someone. We hear people saying that 'forgiveness is good, forgiveness is healthy.' But, sometimes I wonder about whether or not forgiveness is even a thing that some have the ability to do.
We all can't stay mad at each other forever, and cling onto negative energy until the cows come home. However, I can speak for myself by saying that it's not doing anyone any good by holding onto negative things in your life because let's face it, who wants the negative vibes floating around aimlessly in the air?
But, what about the things that you just can't forgive? I think you do in some stances do. However, you're not about to let that person into your life the way that you were. LC, (pictured above) says it best in "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you." And that couldn't be more true. There's sometimes when you're not going to want that person in your life, because it's safe to say that it's better with out them in it. #sorrynotsorry. So, you let go of the hard feelings, and the relationship that you were sharing. You realize that it's your pleasure doing everything better without them. It's okay to never be able to let people back into their original positions in your life, because you've gotta take care of you. That drama-queen friend of yours? Yeah, it's time that you get rid of her constant fighting and drama. You don't need that.
At the end of the day, I think that it's important to take the high road, and be the bigger person. But when comes the time to forget them? You can be the judge of that, but if it's something that's trivial then maybe just maybe give them another chance.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Love Mistakes That You'Ve Made....And You Don't Even Know It

When it comes to the love department, many of us don't have the slightest comprehension of what we're doing. If' we're lucky, we get to have a  few great loves in our life. However, there's that saying that old habits die hard, and when it comes to love, that couldn't be more true. Here's some habits that we really should break.
You've Barely Been On A Date....And You're Already Planning the I-Dos: 
Okay, so you've met this really great guy. And the date went really well. Now, you're picking up wedding magazines quicker than it took Joe Jonas to dump Demi or Taylor. Woah. Slow down there. Just because you've had a great date with someone, or even if the relationship is going well doesn't mean that you're going to end up with their last name. One of the number one turn offs for someone is someone who has a 'creepy crush on them', or takes the relationship way farther. How to fix that? Leave the wedding planning to Pinterest, and enjoy the moment.
You're Waiting for Them to Call:
 Let's get out of the Victorian Era for a moment, and realize that if you're interested, then it's okay for someone to call them. Many people, myself included, often agonize over texting someone that they are interested in dating. Sometimes, I often over-analyze any aspect of texting someone, because I worry that I could be annoying. But, let's get one thing straight. If I was annoying someone, they pretty much would tell me...right? There's this fancy thing that we could do called telling someone that they are being annoyed by none other than you. In the mean time, use your phone and fingers for something other than playing Candy Crush, and give that special someone a text saying hello.
 You're Letting Yourself Being Treated Badly:
 In order for relationships to work, you have to be loved and respected by that other person. Otherwise,it wouldn't  work at all. Sure, sometimes not everyone is going to be in the wooing mood to court you and sweep you off of your feet. However, I firmly believe that if you're crying over someone more than smiling that you should rethink who you've choosen as a partner. As Charlie says in 'Perks of Being A Wallflower' we accept the love that we think you deserve. And honestly, no one ever deserves to let someone treat them badly.
You're Not DTR-ing:
It's so awkward to have that conversation with a guy. What are we? Where is this going? Should I be changing my monogram necklace anytime soon? It's awkward and scary, because you simply don't know what to say. It's awkward because there's a 50-50 chance of them saying no. But, this is a necessary step for many reasons. One of the number one reasons why relationships are often confusing is the lack of clarity. We often don't put a 'label' on something quick enough, which results in us being confused and friendzoned. However, I think that there's something that needs to be condoned about DTR-ing. You like clarity, yes? You want to see things change, yes? Well, it's important to have that conversation with that person, because that's the only way that you'll be able to see things 20-20.  Just be reader to take any answer that you get.

Love and relationships can be messy sometimes, without a doubt. Sometimes, we are the victims. Sometimes, we're the ones causing the pain. But the one thing to remember, it's okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

He and She Saturdays-Love Games

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I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect when I was being led to Andrew’s car. I’ve never been in a car, alone, with a guy that I liked. I’ve never even been anywhere alone with a guy that I liked. It felt weird, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. I surely didn’t hope that it would be awkward.
“So”, Andrew said, as he got into the driver’s side.
I nodded, not sure knowing what to say. “So. Nice car”.
“Thanks”, he said shyly. “Do you like music?”
I nodded. Who didn’t like music. “Yes.”
“Well what kind? Before we go on a great conquest, I would like to get some awesome music to get us in the mood to you know.”
“To have sex? You didn’t strike me as that kind of guy.”
“I meant to be on this date…”
Well so much for making things not awkward, and I just have opened the biggest can of awkward worms ever. Way to go, Cat.
“You sound sorely disappointed.”
“No. Not at all.” Suddenly, heat began to rise up in my cheeks. “I mean I’m sure that sex with you would be very nice, and all, but I am only 16 years old, and this is our first date, and I really need to you know fall in love with you and get to know you before I can ever think about having sex with you. And even then, we’ll have to get tested, and use protection before we do.” I was talking way too much. Way to go Cat.
He looked at me smiling. I could feel some sort of laughter in the mix as well. Probably he was internally laughing at me inside.
“I’m sorry this is awkward, weird, and I’m just talking way too much,” I said.
He began to laugh. ‘Oh great’, I thought. ‘I blew it. Way to go.’
“I appreciate knowing that, but I was just teasing you.”
“Oh,” I said, trying to hid my burning red cheeks, and my embarrassment.
“Sorry. But I do appreciate knowing your views about sex”, he said. “Gives me a preview of what I can expect.” He grinned.
“Is that okay?”
He looked into my eyes. It was a good thing that we were at a red light. “Cathleen,” he said softly in a tone that his friends would I’m sure mock him for using. It was soft, careful, as if he was worried that somehow that he would break me. “You’re more than okay.”

We got to the game about ten minutes early. Although this was my third year of high school, I have never been to a sporting event. Needless to say, I didn’t know what to expect. I was half-expecting foam fingers to be wagged into my face. However, when I got there, things were very much different. The football field was far from packed, and it was a lot colder than I expected. The drumline (our school didn’t have a pepband) was pounding loudly to anyone who would listen to them, making it known to the other team that they wouldn’t be going down without a difficult fight. Ollie the Otter, (our mascot) was dancing around to the beat, while the cheerleaders were doing their last minute stretches. It was go time.
“Cat do you want anything?” Andrew asked, handing me my ticket. Despite the fact that this was our school, we still had to pay five dollars to get in. Well, Andrew did because he insisted.
I turned around. We were standing near where the food was being sold. I hadn’t had anything to eat since my turkey sandwich at lunch, yet I wasn’t hungry. My stomach was too tied up in knots of nerves to really be fed.
“Do you wanna share a pretzel?” I asked. I figured I should at least eat a little something before dinner.
He smiled. “Sure. I would love to. But I wouldn’t mind getting you your own, you know.”
“Sharing is caring.”
“Okay. Do you want salt with that?”
“Sure, thank you.”
He smiled. I can tell that he was happy to be able to buy the girl that he liked something to eat. I can imagine him on a white horse or something.
Okay, I was getting a bit too carried away. But, this just goes to show. Chilvery is surely not dead.
“You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.”
I smiled. For that brief moment in time, I felt like a diamond. I felt shiny, like everyone thought I was beautiful. In reality, not many people probably did because not everyone in the world even knew of my existence. There’s something about the first flutter of love that makes every waking moment when you’re with that person feel amazing. You feel like you’re sparking, and you just want to show them off to the world. Because someone thinks that you’re amazing, and you think they are amazing too.
“Shall we?” Andrew asked, holding my hand.
I smiled. “Yes, we shall.”

I could tell you a lot of things about what happened next. I can tell you that Andrew put his arm around me, holding me so close that I can smell the scent of his mint-flavored gum on his breath. I can tell you that he smelled very nice, as I did expect. I can tell you how warm his body felt, in comparison to the chilly fall air. However, I can’t tell you who won the game, or even what the score was. Everything else simply didn’t feel as important as Andrew. Andrew, this super amazing guy, who liked me for some strange reason that I didn’t understand. I wondered what he was thinking. I wondered if he was happy, or if he was enjoying the pretzel, even though he had let me have most of it.
I had lost all track of time however when people were gathering their things I could tell that it was time to leave.
“Ready for dinner?” Andrew asked. His eyes sparkled in the darkness, signaling  that perhaps that there was more ahead.

I nodded. This date was perfect, and I couldn’t wait to see what he had up his sleeve next.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Five-Fashion Icons (for me)

Everyone has that one (or two) celebraty that they go to for style advice. For some, it's a designer. For others, it's a famous movie star or musician. For many, (myself include, see below) it's the Duchess of Cambridge. However, everyone pretty much, has a style icon in which they look up to. Each of these women, in my opinion always seem to have it together, and that's what I admire most about them.
My own person style comes from a mixture of all of these people. It's a mixture of hipster, and preppy, something that I very much like indeed. Of course, we can't forget the mountains of Lauren Conrad clothing that I own. Below, is five of my top style icons.
Who are your style icons? Comment below! :D
 Zooey Deschanel/Jess Day:

Spencer Hastings: 

Carrie Bradshaw:

 (If anyone's looking for a birthday gift for me; a Carrie necklace is an idea!)

Catherine (Kate) Middleton: 
 (when I get married, I want her dress)

Lauren Conrad: 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

TBT-Facebook Notes Still Exist....In The Form Of Blogs..

Since I'm bored, I'm throwing it back when Facebook notes were a thing.

1. last beverage =Water
2. last phone call = Either Gabriel or my mother.
3. last text message = Theresa
4. last song you listened to = Undermine, by the Nashville Cast
5. last time you cried = A while ago..

6. dated someone twice = Fool me once shame on you; full me twice shame on me.
7. been cheated on = nope.
8. hung out with someone that made you do a dare? = #storyofmylife
9. lost someone special = Yes
11. been overstuffed=I would judge you if you haven't. 

12. purple
13. purple
14. purple.

15. Made a new friend =  Many
16. Disowned a friend = yup-that was sad. 
17. Laughed until you cried?= I'm not sure, but probably. 
18. Met someone who changed you = Not yet. 
19. Found out who your true friends were = Yes, and they are lovely, hi true friends who like to read my blog. I hope you know who you are. 
20. Found out someone was talking about you = Nope, but I don't blame them. I am quite awesome and who doesn't want to talk about me? 
21. Laughed at someone when they fell?knowing me, yeah.

22. How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life? I know a lot of them, but I'm not super-close with 95 percent of them.
23.Where art thou = Wouldn't you like to know? ;)
24. Do you have any pets = Yes. A dog named Maggie. 
25. Do you want to change your name = Kinda
26. What did you do for your last birthday? I had dinner and cake with my super-awesome friends.
27. What time did you wake up today? Define awake. I don't wake up and actually function until I have coffee. 
28. What were you doing  last night? Working. 
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for? Getting my license. 
30. Last time you saw your Mother? She's in the next room, crazy stalker quiz. 
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? Other than having my license, I'm pretty cool with my life the way it is right now. 
32. What are you listening to right now? A commercial. 
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? No, but in high school a friend named her significant other Tom as a code name. 
34. What's getting on your nerves right now? Uhm. It's summer. I'm mad chill.
35. Most visited webpage? Blogger, Facebook, or Twitter. Did I forget Netflix? Oops, I think I did. Sorry Netflix, you're the bae.
37. Nicknames? Nat, NQ, Yoshi, Natalia...
38.Relationship Status? Single. It's the best ever.
39. Zodiac Sign? Cancer.
40. Are you a he or a she? a she. 
44. color of hair= Brown
45. Long or short = Long hair don't care.
47. Do you have a crush on someone? Honestly, I don't know. I mean I think that's the kind of thing that you're supposed to be sure of, but I really can't say. 
48: What do you like about yourself? I'm pretty damn awesome. 
49. do you wear glasses? pretty much everyday. 
50. hobby(s) I read books, write, watch epic stuff on netlifx, and of course, love photography. 
51. Righty or lefty = righty

52. First surgery? Eye surgery. 
53. First stitches? Never needed them. 
55. First sport you joined? Badminton.
56. First vacation? Probs Disney World.

60.Drinking? Nada. 
61. I'm about to? Call someone. 
62. Listening to? The news. 
63. Waiting for? I don't know...something?

64. Want kids? = I want to adopt them. 
65. Get Married? = Hopefully if someone could put up with me for that long. 
66. Career? Print Journalist/author.

67. Lips or eyes?  Eyes
68. Hugs or kisses?Friends-hugs; cute people kisses would be lovely. 
69. Shorter or taller? Taller, cause then they can reach higher stuff. 
70. Older or Younger? Doesn't matter.
71. Romantic or spontaneous? Hmm...romantic. I want roses future gentlemen callers...
72. Nice stomach or nice arms? Stomach?
73. Sensitive or loud? Both. 
74. Hook-up or relationship? Both. I'm in this very YOLO-state of mind.
75. Trouble maker or hesitant? Hesitant. I mean I don't want you to do something illegal around me. 

76. Wrote a story that you lost? My life. 
77. Dreamed a dream that was odd? Yes. 
78. Lost glasses/contacts? Never. 
79. Jumped of cliff? Nope
80. Broken someone's heart? I'm such a heartbreaker. 
81. Had your own heart broken? Yes. 
82. Been arrested? Nope. I'm not that badass. 
83. Turned someone down? Yup. They were very mean. 
84. Cried when someone died? Yeah.
85. Fallen for a friend? LOL I fall for people and then become their friend. It's a pattern.

86. Yourself? Yes.
87. Miracles? Yes. 
88. Love at first sight? Yes. 
89. Heaven? Yes. 
90. Santa Claus? I'm in college. I do however believe strongly in leaving cookies out for people (minus the fact that i'd eat them)
91. Kiss on the first date? Sure; YOLO. 
92. Angels? Yes. 

93. Had more than one bf/gf? LOL nope. 
94. Is there one person you want to be with right now? I miss Alessia D: But otherwise, not really. 
95. Did you sing today? Yes. 
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go, and why? I would probably redo my senior year in high school. It honestly sucked, because I was depressed all of the time. If I could do it over again I would smile more and be happy more. However, since I can't go back, I've decided to apply as much happiness as humanly possible in my day to day life. 
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? Hm, probably any pizza date with Gabriel. 
99. Are you afraid of falling in love? HAHAHA Yeah. 
100. Posting this as 100% truthful? I solemly swear that this is the truth and nothing but the truth good quiz person sir.