Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Five-Top Five Moments of My Teenage Career.

Hey guys! I am joining up with some awesome North East Bloggers!  The Link up is basically writing about five things, whether a highlight of the week, or something else. I choose to write about the top five moments of my teenage career, because I'm turning 20 in a little over a month.
High school graduation, with Maggie! 
5. Graduating High School and Starting College. 
Everyone knows that graduating high school and starting college is one of the biggest transitions ever. I, unlike several of my peers, enjoyed high school. I was involved in several things, such as the badminton team, the school newspaper, the school writing club, and band. Needless to say, I had a lot of friends, each of them from a different part of my life. I still manage to keep in contact with some of my teammates, and former fellow instruments today. Starting college was different because no one knew me. Being a commuter, it was hard to find friends, because I wasn't there that much. However, I did luckily meet people through my classes, and was able to find my niche in the school paper.
One of my favorite pictures of us! 
4. Meeting Gabriel. 
I met Gabriel when I was 17 years old, and was a senior at high school. This is one of the high lights of my teenage career, because they are my best friend, so needless to say this was a big deal. 
 Confirmation 2009 with my grandfather!
3. My Grandpa dying. 
My grandpa also died when I was a senior in high school. Although this wasn't the happiest moment in my young adult life, it was one that was defining. I learned how to deal with loss, and how to deal with depression. Through this experience, I learned how to grieve. I was lucky that I had my awesome friends to help me deal with this process, because grief is a very long and painful thing to go through. My grandfather is my inspiration to how I deal with things, whether it may be with a bad grade, or to inspire me to work harder at something. Even though he may no longer be here, he's still here in a different way.
2. I got my heart broken.
Ahhh yes, young love. Perhaps one of the most stupidest things that you've ever heard. It's hard to believe that my first love was at age 15. His name was Isaac,and he was a pretty smart person. However, the relationship only lasted a few months. I can safely say that part of it was my fault because I was that crazy girlfriend that you all watched about. I was obsessed  with him, and that resulted in a lot of negative things. I don't call it a wash though, because I learned a lot from that experience, and could apply it to the next person I date. 
1. I became a part of a newspaper. 
This year will be my 6th year as part of a school publication. For my sophomore and senior year in high school, I wrote articles for my high school paper. Junior year, I was the revenues editor, which was an epic failure because I really wasn't that good at fiances. In college, I was a contributor for two semesters. This upcoming fall semester, I am looking foreword to being opinions editor for my college's newspaper. 
On July 12th, I will offically be 20. I  can't wait to make my twenties ten times better than my teen years have been!


  1. I like your list, it's such a unique post! happy early birthday! I was in newspaper in high school too and I loved every minute of it,,,enjoy the last bit of your teenage years!

    1. Aw thank you! I will, for the next month lol. :D being a part of the newspaper is one of my best experiences ever. Thank you so much for stopping by!