Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Five-Fashion Icons (for me)

Everyone has that one (or two) celebraty that they go to for style advice. For some, it's a designer. For others, it's a famous movie star or musician. For many, (myself include, see below) it's the Duchess of Cambridge. However, everyone pretty much, has a style icon in which they look up to. Each of these women, in my opinion always seem to have it together, and that's what I admire most about them.
My own person style comes from a mixture of all of these people. It's a mixture of hipster, and preppy, something that I very much like indeed. Of course, we can't forget the mountains of Lauren Conrad clothing that I own. Below, is five of my top style icons.
Who are your style icons? Comment below! :D
 Zooey Deschanel/Jess Day:

Spencer Hastings: 

Carrie Bradshaw:

 (If anyone's looking for a birthday gift for me; a Carrie necklace is an idea!)

Catherine (Kate) Middleton: 
 (when I get married, I want her dress)

Lauren Conrad: 


  1. Kate and Zoe are my favorites! I beg my hair stylist to cut my hair like Kate's everytime- she just laughs at me lol

    1. Lol awww- i am sure it would look great on you!

  2. Kate Middleton & Lauren Conrad are two of mine as well!