Saturday, June 14, 2014

He and She Saturdays-Love Games

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I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect when I was being led to Andrew’s car. I’ve never been in a car, alone, with a guy that I liked. I’ve never even been anywhere alone with a guy that I liked. It felt weird, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. I surely didn’t hope that it would be awkward.
“So”, Andrew said, as he got into the driver’s side.
I nodded, not sure knowing what to say. “So. Nice car”.
“Thanks”, he said shyly. “Do you like music?”
I nodded. Who didn’t like music. “Yes.”
“Well what kind? Before we go on a great conquest, I would like to get some awesome music to get us in the mood to you know.”
“To have sex? You didn’t strike me as that kind of guy.”
“I meant to be on this date…”
Well so much for making things not awkward, and I just have opened the biggest can of awkward worms ever. Way to go, Cat.
“You sound sorely disappointed.”
“No. Not at all.” Suddenly, heat began to rise up in my cheeks. “I mean I’m sure that sex with you would be very nice, and all, but I am only 16 years old, and this is our first date, and I really need to you know fall in love with you and get to know you before I can ever think about having sex with you. And even then, we’ll have to get tested, and use protection before we do.” I was talking way too much. Way to go Cat.
He looked at me smiling. I could feel some sort of laughter in the mix as well. Probably he was internally laughing at me inside.
“I’m sorry this is awkward, weird, and I’m just talking way too much,” I said.
He began to laugh. ‘Oh great’, I thought. ‘I blew it. Way to go.’
“I appreciate knowing that, but I was just teasing you.”
“Oh,” I said, trying to hid my burning red cheeks, and my embarrassment.
“Sorry. But I do appreciate knowing your views about sex”, he said. “Gives me a preview of what I can expect.” He grinned.
“Is that okay?”
He looked into my eyes. It was a good thing that we were at a red light. “Cathleen,” he said softly in a tone that his friends would I’m sure mock him for using. It was soft, careful, as if he was worried that somehow that he would break me. “You’re more than okay.”

We got to the game about ten minutes early. Although this was my third year of high school, I have never been to a sporting event. Needless to say, I didn’t know what to expect. I was half-expecting foam fingers to be wagged into my face. However, when I got there, things were very much different. The football field was far from packed, and it was a lot colder than I expected. The drumline (our school didn’t have a pepband) was pounding loudly to anyone who would listen to them, making it known to the other team that they wouldn’t be going down without a difficult fight. Ollie the Otter, (our mascot) was dancing around to the beat, while the cheerleaders were doing their last minute stretches. It was go time.
“Cat do you want anything?” Andrew asked, handing me my ticket. Despite the fact that this was our school, we still had to pay five dollars to get in. Well, Andrew did because he insisted.
I turned around. We were standing near where the food was being sold. I hadn’t had anything to eat since my turkey sandwich at lunch, yet I wasn’t hungry. My stomach was too tied up in knots of nerves to really be fed.
“Do you wanna share a pretzel?” I asked. I figured I should at least eat a little something before dinner.
He smiled. “Sure. I would love to. But I wouldn’t mind getting you your own, you know.”
“Sharing is caring.”
“Okay. Do you want salt with that?”
“Sure, thank you.”
He smiled. I can tell that he was happy to be able to buy the girl that he liked something to eat. I can imagine him on a white horse or something.
Okay, I was getting a bit too carried away. But, this just goes to show. Chilvery is surely not dead.
“You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.”
I smiled. For that brief moment in time, I felt like a diamond. I felt shiny, like everyone thought I was beautiful. In reality, not many people probably did because not everyone in the world even knew of my existence. There’s something about the first flutter of love that makes every waking moment when you’re with that person feel amazing. You feel like you’re sparking, and you just want to show them off to the world. Because someone thinks that you’re amazing, and you think they are amazing too.
“Shall we?” Andrew asked, holding my hand.
I smiled. “Yes, we shall.”

I could tell you a lot of things about what happened next. I can tell you that Andrew put his arm around me, holding me so close that I can smell the scent of his mint-flavored gum on his breath. I can tell you that he smelled very nice, as I did expect. I can tell you how warm his body felt, in comparison to the chilly fall air. However, I can’t tell you who won the game, or even what the score was. Everything else simply didn’t feel as important as Andrew. Andrew, this super amazing guy, who liked me for some strange reason that I didn’t understand. I wondered what he was thinking. I wondered if he was happy, or if he was enjoying the pretzel, even though he had let me have most of it.
I had lost all track of time however when people were gathering their things I could tell that it was time to leave.
“Ready for dinner?” Andrew asked. His eyes sparkled in the darkness, signaling  that perhaps that there was more ahead.

I nodded. This date was perfect, and I couldn’t wait to see what he had up his sleeve next.

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