Monday, June 9, 2014

"Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend."

Prom 2012
Gabriel has made frequent appearances on this blog. Whether it's them coming home, them going back to school, or them in general, Gabriel is a popular topic for a post. So, when National Best Friends Day became a thing, I couldn't think of none other than the one person in my life pretty much, that will ALWAYS have my back.
My high school graduation party.
Gabriel and I met when I was a senior in high school. We happened to have first period Expository Writing together. Expository Writing is a class that basically we just sat around and did nothing for extended periods of time. However, we didn't get close to the end of the semester. Luckily, we ended up having Soc together that second semester, where we really got close. Gabriel even ended up seeing my go to prom, in which they complained about mowing the lawn.
Gabriel and I; spring 2013 
Through out my freshman year in college, I remained in close contact with Gabriel. We didn't see that much of each other my first semester, because Gabriel at the time was applying to college. However, that second semester it seems like we were always together. When Gabriel had decided to go to Mac, we realized that Gabriel wouldn't be around to..well make my life more interesting. And that's okay, because I knew that they would be extremely happy there. (Which they were.) When Gabriel graduated, they actually got a ticket for me to come and see them graduate. #bestfriendsforever
Saying goodbye in August to Gabriel was one of the saddest things that I've ever done. On one hand, I realized that they were truly happy there. On the other, I really was going to miss hanging out with Gabriel every single day. Their family was starting to feel like my own, and it was going to be wierd not having your best friend across town.
Graduation 2013 
However, nothing other than the fact that they were halfway across the country changed. Now that's friendship. When Gabriel came back the first time, we literally smooshed each other while hugging because it was that important. The same goes when we first saw each other spring and summer breaks.
 Reunited! (Dec. 2013)

 Spring Break 2013
Gabriel and I are best friends for many reason. For one thing, I know that they will always have my back. Whenever I have a guy problem, or any problem, they are literally the person that I would call. They are always there for me, even when I'm not the nicest person in the world to them. I am so grateful that they are my best friend, because not many people in this world can say that they have a true friend like that.The same goes for them.
We have a very entertaining friendship, where we constantly argue. We can probably be compared to an old married couple. (We actually do joke about that.) Gabriel and I are never truly serious when we fight, or half of the time when we talk. Gabriel also inspires me to try new things such as food, and people. With that being said, they even inspire me to look in the world in a different way. It really doesn't matter that they do go to school really far away, because when we do see each other it's like we haven't even been apart. Thanks to calling and texting that is. (Gabriel also calls it blue messaging.) We truly get each other, and we have that relationship where we're always there for each other. That's why Gabriel is my best friend.
In the future, we plan to travel a lot, party together when I finally turn 21, and I can't wait to see Gabriel's school this upcoming fall. 

Us Present Day 

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