Thursday, June 26, 2014


One of my favorite things in the world is bracelets. I love jewelry, but I like bracelets the best because you can stack them up and make a different look with each and every one that you were. Most of the bracelets that I enjoy wearing often have some sort of meaning to them. Here's some of my favorite #armcandy for the summer!

                            Purple Bracelet; made by me           *see below for list of Alex and Ani
                            Love Life and Life Will Love You Back

right, center, and left made by yours truly

                                                       Bottom; pearl bracelet-QVC
                                                       Heart bracelet-Kohls

*Alex and Ani- Om, Saint Anthony, Lotus, Path of Life, Mermaid, Evil Eye, What's for you won't pass you, N, Ruby, Endless Love Knot, Peace, Daughter, and Feather. All from Alex and Ani


  1. So pretty! I love, love, LOVE Alex and Ani bracelets!

  2. The evil eye bracelet reminds me of Greece! I saw a lot of them there.

    1. I've heard that they are really popular there! thank you for stopping by!