Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Straight-edged, not Straight Laced."

Lately, I've been in touch with thinking about my sobriety. On a college campus, of course I have to come in contact with that. I've realized that drinking is something that I'm really not comfortable with doing. If I wanted to put mind altering poison in my body, I mean I would resort to drinking, but I'm just not into it. I mean, I tried it, because of the forbidden fruit theory (meaning that the more people tell you not to do it, the more into it you become) and really didn't enjoy it. But my peers dug it because they thought that it was cool. It was for them, but not for me.
I'm now straightedged. That means I'm not into that drinking and smoking shit. That doesn't make me a prude, and if you do it I won't judge you. I will however, if you're a close friend of mine, be concerned about your wellbeing, but the key thing here is that it's not my thing. I'm not straightlaced, and I know how to have fun. I don't think you need a bong or a shot to say that you're having a good time. (especially if it's a prom or something, wouldn't it be something that you want to remember) If you need to be drunk to have a good time, then you have some serious probelms.

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