Friday, October 12, 2012


People who know me personally know that I take a lot of pictures. And by a lot, I mean the one thousand pictures that I'm tagged in on facebook. And, well to be honest, I like taking pictures, whether they are of myself, or of something or someone, because it freezes that moment in time. It makes that moment last forever, and when you look back onto that picture, it brings you back into that moment of time. You may laugh, and smile because the memory is a good one. You may be embarassed because of your clothes or hairstyle at the time. You may be sad, because the memory strikes a cord in your heart.
Photographs are the things that we are left behind. Photographs are sometimes the only thing remaining of the past when the past is gone. The last remainders of someone whose gone, the way that we can see someone who is no longer with us.
Today marks a year since my grandfather's passing. And so today, to make up for his presence of not being here actually, I will look at photographs. A year ago, they made me cry to even look at. Now, they make me smile, because he wouldn't like to see us cry.
I hope that I'm making you proud grandpa! I miss you!

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