Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have a fear of a lot of things. For example, I'm afraid of heights. Like petrified. I can't even go up stairs without worrying that I'll fall. That's why I always walk ever so slowly up them, and annoy the other people behind me. (sorry people)
But, sometimes fears can cause us to miss out of wonderful, awesome things. And then we realize years later what they cause us to miss out on. Sometimes, it can be being able to sky dive. I mean, I would be too afraid to actually do it. But I'm sure it's such a great experience that one wouldn't mind experiencing.
Yesterday, I was watching Eat Pray Love. And it was towards the movie, when Liz and that guy that she likes so much are about to get into a boat, when she gets scared and runs. I began to wonder if I myself was afraid and how it let me be weary of the awesome things that were right in front of me. Maybe we're all afraid deep down, and we end up letting it get the best of us. Maybe we let our scars get in the way of what we could be.
How do we get rid of these fears? We face them. We can say fuck them, or we can let them get to us, and destroy what's around us like a hurricane. It's up to us to let these fears get to us. But, sometimes, they are worth letting go.

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