Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Simple Song.

Last night, I was watching the show Nashville. I honestly can say that I loved it, it's one of my favorite things that I've watched in a very long time. You see, I'm very critical when it comes to new shows, and especially new music. Anyways, I've been inspired when I was watching the show. Music is something that has been a huge part of the way that we communicate. It's how we connect to the world. It's like poetry, with pretty music in the background. Its a message, with a pretty way of presenting ourselves.
I'm a poet, and I've been considering myself to be a musical aficionado. So, I wrote a simple song, called A Little Too Late. It may suck, but ohh well, YOLO bitch.

A Little Too Late. 
Another day goes by, 
Another tear outta my eye, 
I keep on wondering of what could;
I should have said something; oh, I know I should. 
I was afraid, I know.
I don't know how to let my feelings show. 
And before I lay down every night;
Oh yeah, that's whats right:
Hey Lord, am I too late? 
Have I entered the troubled waters of fate? 
I've gotton my heart broken twice, 
I just need your good advice
Am I too late? 
Is life all but a time or date?
 Second chances are rare, 
All I want you is there. 
I want another chance, 
May I have this dance? 
What can I say, 
I need to know which way.
Sometimes, you just gotta seize the day;
You never know if it will or won't go that way.
I often wish I could have one more chance, 
I can assure you with confidence
It will be okay
Well, what can I say?

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