Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Has Passed; What Will Become

As 2013 comes to an end, I realize that this year has in a way come to be full cycle. This year, I've grown a lot, gained responsiblity, experience, and friends.
This year, I got my learner's permit. That's a big deal, because I am really excited to get my license. I hope that new year I can get it because I really want to drive and be able to take myself places. Another awesome thing that happened was that I got my first job at my school's library. This is exciting because for once, I really felt that I can handle myself finanically. Plus, it's awesome to be able to have the freedom to buy whatever I want, and to be able to say that I earned the money to do so.
This year I feel like I grew as a person as well. I began to realize that I truly deserve to be happy, with myself, and with the people who I surround myself with. I deserve a chance to be happy. I also learned that I deserve to be treated with respect as well. I feel like this is important in every relationship we have in life, not just romantic ones. I also am slowly learning that  it's okay to make mistakes, and it's okay to finally let your walls down for someone. That's perfectly alright, because some people deserve to hold you. The ones who put the holes in your heart, don't. 
There are many memories of this year that I will always cherish. This summer was by far the best summer of my life. I enjoyed spending time with my friend who was the foreign exchange student from my old high school, however saying goodbye to her wasn't so fun. I enjoyed watching her go through things that we as Americans consider normal. Like, going to prom, and having a graduation. I also had a lot of crazy girls nights with my crazy girls, went on long walks and coffee dates with my best friend, and said goodbye to him as he left college. I got into a huge and stupid fight with my best girl friend, but was able to get over it. Now we're best friends again. 
2013 overall was a great year for me. It's had its ups and it's had it's downs. I enjoyed it overall. 2014 will also be awesome, as the clock turns 12, and a new beginning will dawn upon us. This upcoming year will be my year. This will be the year that I conquer my mental demons, and the year that I finally will get my license. This will be the year that I work harder, save more, and blossom into a shiny brand new me. I'll actually make Dean's list, because I am no longer obligated to take a math class. (which was my downpoint) Honestly, that could happen, or I could be completely bullshitting you guys. You know how resolutions work. Anyways at the end of the day, 2014 will be my year. Even if it doesn't know it yet. 
In conclusion, 2013 was great. But 2014 will be even better. Happy New Year to all of my readers! I hope 2014 will be awesome for you.