Friday, December 20, 2013


So for those of you who don't know, although I am sure that I've mentioned this before, my best friend (pictured above) goes to college in Minnesota. And, because of that, since we live about 12000 miles away, it's not ideal to see each other fairly frequently. So, in August, I said my goodbyes. And I knew that it would be a long time before he came back. Although things would change, I did realize that something never would. And that was the fact that we would always and forever be close friends. But still, that doesn't make the goodbye come any easier.
During his time away at college, he had new experiences, as did I. I got a job, and changed my major completely. We both grew. We both changed. But you want to know the best thing about this whole thing? Our friendship didn't. We both called each other, whether it was once a week, or several times a week. When we couldn't, whether it was because we were busy or whatever, it was no big deal. We texted and we skyped.
So when he finally came home, we made plans to have lunch and spend the afternoon together. And it was awesome.
Honestly, it felt that we never were apart. (Thank you modern technology.) Getting to see him, in person, not behind a screen was an amazing feeling because I got to be with my best friend. After a hug, we had an amazing lunch, some coffee, and some other food items before I had to go to work.
Photo: Finally reunited!
(us enjoying dessert at Panera!)
Honestly, he's always going to be my best friend. Throughout this whole thing I realized that no matter what goes on, or how far we are in miles, we will always be close. He's my best friend, plain and simple. I know that he will always have my back, as I will have his. It doesn't matter if we live across town, and across the country. We will always fight over french fries, never agree about purple hair, but that's okay. Our relationship is full of jokes that we will never understand, and never actually being serious. That's just us, and it works.
But I am so glad that he's home, and I can't wait to hang out with him more over our long break. Welcome home Hiroki. Love you!

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