Thursday, December 12, 2013

Society and the Single Girl; To Balance

Okay so one thing that I hate about some girls is that they tend to put their boyfriend before their friends. As being a single girl for life, holla, I think that is completely and utterly screwed up.
Friends were there for you before you knew that the dude's name. So therefore, you shouldn't put someone that you have known for a shorter time than a person that you've known for a less shorter time. Chances are friends are the people that are important to you as well as the person that you are dating.
I think that its important to have things going on besides just dating the person. We have tons of other things going on with us, such as school, hobbies, and other things that make us happy. Therefore, when you are entering a relationship, one can not expect the normal activities to end once they have a significant other. If you do, then it would be bad.
One of my friends and I were talking about this the other day. Basically, from our conversation shadowed her opinion of how she thinks that if and when I enter a relationship that we will no longer have crazy nights. However, since last time I checked, I am young, and I am not about to be into someone and have them be my only life. That's simply unhealthy.
Being a person with many friends, and other things that I like about my life, I doubt that this will ever effect me. I promise to never ditch my friends for my boyfriend, unless he's dying or something dire that requires me to be there for him. I think that girls nowadays make their boyfriends their lives. That's bad because what are you going to do or be when he does his own thing? YOU need your own thing as well, and I think that people often forget that. You have more to you than just a relationship. That way, you're not mad at your boyfriend for having a life. I have so much going for me. My friends are awesome (I love my girls Heidi, Theresa, Verenized, Iris, Alessia, Paige, Emily, Emma [she has a blog called The World According to Emma, check it out here!], Bethany, and Marissa) and I would never, intentionally put someone else ahead of hanging out with them. They were there before, so why would I forget my friends.
I believe that there should be a balance in one's life. I think that there should be love. But then, there should be life outside of that. It doesn't matter how much you love the person, or how committed you are. Being eclipsed in a world that solely you two is unhealthy. I don't understand how people can do that.
Basically, I think balance is key.

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