Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Love the Game of Love. How Lovely!

Love is something that will forever baffle me as I go into this new year. I will always wonder what love is. Why it hurts so much, why it means the world to people if we have it. But I don't get it, and as much as I ramble on and on about how much I do know about it, there's one solid truth. No I don't.
Love has the ability to play with all kinds of emotions. It has the power to make the strongest girl cry in complete and total agony. The strongest soldiers and fighters give up because of the depression and the agony that love leaves behind. 
So, why do we keep on falling in love? Or out of love? Then back in love. I think because we want to prove people wrong about it. Maybe we want to prove ourselves wrong about the fact that we can never find love. Whatever the case is, when we find it we go after it. It can be messy and crazy. But, having someone tell you that they like you just as much as you like them can be the greatest feeling ever. But when they don't or you go through a break-up, then it feels like your world is being crushed by the biggest weight ever. Nothing else matters other than the fact that you've been rejected by someone who was once the biggest opinion of your life. 
It's a wonder how love can lead to many different things. I believe that its a foundation to just about everything. We are created based on love that two people have for another. The world that we are bought into may or may not have the love that we are created  upon. However, we are born with the innate desire to be loved. We are born with the desire to find someone to love us just as much as we love them. However, we're not born with the fears that come from loving someone and it going completely sour. That comes from experience. 
There's an old argument in psychology called nature versus nurture. Nature being what qualities we are born with. Nuture being the qualities that come from life experiences. Basically, the way our experienes nurture our personality. 
I believe that love has both of these qualties. The nature being the natural desire to love someone, and to have someone love us. Nurture comes in when someone who loves us hurts us. That's when we shut ourselves down, and put up these mental blocks from everyone else. We become a maze thats although the path was easily accessed, that may be no longer true. Once someone hurts us, we protect ourselves and never want to be hurt again. This nurtures is because of the experience that we have had, our personality takes a different turn. Another point that is to be bought up with nurture affecting our love is the way that society is. We are a society that is created  on the fast and digital path. We want things fast, and we show them off on social networking sites. Due to this, we base our schema of relationships based on someone else's. 
At the end of the day, we deal with both sides of the love spectrum. The first being the indescribable happeiness that we feel when someone that we love says that they love us too. And the second is the unbelievable amount of hurt we feel when someone either rejects us or decides that they no longer love us anyone. Love is a battefield, but when we win the war it feels like the best damn thing ever. 

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