Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Moment

Sometimes, I feel like we cloud the perfect little moments that we have in life by looking for something greater. You know, the labels that we have to find in life, and looking for something that is greater than we ever could imagine. We forget to enjoy the little moments that have passed, such as a smile being exchanged, and a brush with someone. We want something that is so fast that it will be available to us instantly.
Living in a digital world, we begin to take these expectations offline. In our life, relationships, and friendships. But people and relationships aren't like music downloads. Neither is falling in love. People require more then being clicked on. Relationships aren't like those scarfs that you buy off of Amazon. You can buy things almost instantly. Relationships are like waiting for those scarfs to come in, which as you know can take up to three to four weeks. However once you are reunited with them, you realize that it was totally worth the wait.
To pick a mate or a guy to be with, we have to realize that they are time consuming. They are like plants, and requre time, love and tenderness. We have to love the little things, those little moments that don't amount to something big just yet. The glances, the smiles, and the tender hugs. It takes time and patience to fall in love. Those little things that I've mentioned? Those are the ingredients to make it to that big thing. 
In this New Year, I realized how worried I got to be over something that I wasn't yet presented with. By doing so, you have yet to realize that you have something great in front of you, and cease to enjoy it. When you realize that, it may be too late. I vow to try to stop worrying, because worry can lead to the anxiety of something that may or may not happen. 
Living in the moment without worry can be one of the hardest things for a person to do. We worry about everything, especially when it comes to love. Does he like me? Will he be my boyfriend? That clouds the whole 'hey I am having a good time right now' thing. It taints the perfect moments that we have, when we are just together enjoying one's company. That's what I think relationships, whether platonic or romantic consist of. Enjoying each other's company.

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