Sunday, January 19, 2014

Closeted Optimist.

"You make me feel like I am living a teenage dream..."
Okay, so I'm opening up this with the lyrics of my favorite love songs because that song is to me what being love should be like. However, I am the first person to admit that I have issues with being a love optimist despite my peppy music choice. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a closeted optimist.
What is a closeted optimist? It's a person who is too afraid for whatever reason to admit that they actually have some sort of belief that they will ever be happy in some sort of romantic relationship. They are the people who think who make fun of people that are overly cheesy/cliche/romantic on Facebook. Therefore, they use humor as their defense mechanism. They tend to be the people that truly want to be happy, but are too afraid to be. Therefore they think why bother, let's mock it!
Being pessimistic about love is common especially after you went through a bad experience, or have gotten rejected many times. They've suffered broken hearts, and ate Ben and Jerry's while watching Leonardo say "you jump I jump." With that being said, they come with a lot of complications, and white scars on their hearts. They are the ones that feel like they can never win, and therefore become pessimistic. And then they mock the ones that are happy. 
I guess you can say that I am sort of like that. I've dealt with a lot of rejection and I've had a few bad breakups. However, you can't be pessimistic about love. That closes off the door for true happiness. I used to feel like I wasn't good enough to have a boyfriend. 
One thing though that really annoys me is couples that really can't shut up on Facebook. They are the ones that either can't stop posting statuses, photos, and photo captions that would make the Hallmark company jealous. You all know what I am talking about. I wonder if it's my optimism about love that makes me feel that way, but that honestly is so annoying. One or two pictures or statuses a week is fine. That's actually really cute if your significant other is sick and you wish that they are better. Or if you guys are doing something and post a photo of you guys doing it. However, there's a line that gets crossed if you post selfies of you guys pretty much everyday. We get it. You're in love, you met someone who doesn't suck, etc. I believe that couples should leave things online, and therefore posting about your significant other more than once or twice a week can be one thing-annoying. It's not that I am happy for you virtual friend for finding the right person. It's just after a while, I begin to wonder if you care about anything else than your cute boyfriend who your Facebooking about.
Enough about my hatred towards some annoying Facebook people. However, I often wonder if my hatred for that comes from my pessimism. At the end of the day, all I want is someone to appear at my window with a boombox. John Hughes, can you direct my life, please?

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