Friday, January 3, 2014

Ode To Sitcoms

One of the best parts of being snowed in has to be the television binge that I go on. You all know what I am talking about. Watching endless hours of TV, rather than read a book, just cause you're feeling lazy. You're curled up in a ball, popcorn or something equally as yummy in your hand, and it's jus peaceful. Besides, a good television binge every now and then is always good.
One of my favorite shows to binge on has to be sitcoms. They were all the rage in the 80s, way before the days of DVR, and Netflix. Every day had a specific sitcom. Golden Girls (one of my favorite shows ever) would be on one night, and Full House (I mean come on who doesn't love that show) would be on another. 
It's safe to say that these shows are classic. They are like the macoroni and cheese of television, pure comfort, feel good TV. Whenever you watch these shows, you just are automatically happy. No matter how shitty your day is going you just sit, watch TV, and you are feeling somewhat better. 
Thank you sitcoms.

My Favorite Sitcoms;
Golden Girls; This always falls under my favorite television show of all time. This show is so funny. It's the story of three women in their 50s, and one in her 80s. The show follows the women in their romantic adventures, as well as an interesting take of the views of events from the 1980s. This show is the type of show that you wouldn't want to miss. Reruns of this show exist on the Hallmark channel if you all are interested.
Home Improvement; I always wanted to marry a person like Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor. I feel like there never would be a dull moment. This show is about a man in his family. During the run of the series, lots of important issues are discussed including the difference between men and women, the roles that they play, and of course the schemas that were around in the 90s. Although I don't agree with some of the things that Tim says, this show is hilarious.
Everybody Loves Raymond; The world's most overbearing and overwelming family ever. Ray and his wife Debra live across the street from his parents Frank and Marie. Even though I've seen nearly every one of these episodes, I still can't resist watching it. It's a classic. Netflix it if you've lived under a rock and never seen it.
The Big Bang Theory; Got nerds? This show is the only one of my list that is still going through it's run. It's beyond hilarious. I think pretty much everyone on this show has a PhD. The show is about their adventures, and the characters are beyond eccentric. However, it's one of the funniest shows on TV currently.
Will And Grace; I love this show because it's beyond hilarious, and it deals with some serious topics. In the late 90s, gay acceptance wasn't much of a thing. I'd like to think that because of this show, it's become more and more accepted. That doesn't take away from Karen's craziness, Jack's flamboyent ways, and of course the dynamic of the show altogether. This is one of the shows that literally can make you roll on the floor laughing.
Full House; I feel like every kid in my generation has seen this show. I personally have seen every episode. It's a show that appeals to all ages, from toddler to adults. Even grandma would enjoy this  show. This is about Danny Tanner, who is a widow left to raise 3 girls. Danny calls brother in law Jesse, and best friend Joey. You basically watch the girls go from preschool days, to their high school years. As a tween, I watched Full House whenever I had some adolescent drama in my life going on. Whenever, I did, it made me feel like I wasn't alone. I plan to show my kids this show, because I think it's a staple for all children. Scratch that, everyone.
Fraiser; Pass the tossed salad and the scrambled eggs. Last but certainly not least, comes the Cheers spin-off about Doctor Fraiser Crane. This show through out its ten year run, is full of complete ridicousness. However, with all of the madness with these psychatrists, you can't help but laugh. 

So, if you're snowed in like me, screw going out and get ready to watch on of these lovely shows. 

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