Monday, January 6, 2014

The Perfect Pair

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is sort of an eureka moment in the shopping world. Finally, after trying on what seems like hundreds of them, you finally have found the perfect pair. The ones that fit you right. The ones that make you look and feel like a million bucks. They are the jeans that you wear when you need that extra boost of confidence, and thoose jeans make you feel as good as you feel. Because of that feeling, you'd want to take every color of those pants home. I mean, once you find perfection, why not replicate it and wear it everyday?
The same concept goes to falling in love. You can go through millions of people, shift through millions of faces, and they do nothing for you. You can find people that fit the mold that you want them to, however there is something that is missing. There could be a person that fit who you were in high school or college, but now that you're in a different phase of your life they seem to feel like it no longer fits for you. However, no matter how hard you try to you can't put your finger on it. Is it their height? No. Is it their annoying habit of chewing their fingernails? No, wait. It must be their hair color. No? Those aren't it. 
When you finally find that perfect person, its sort of similar to when we find those perfect pair of jeans. It's like an aha, finally moment. Everything begins to fall into place. There's not one thing that you would change about them. Sure, the person has quirks and faults. After all, who doesn't? But, that doesn't make them any less perfect.
Like the jeans, that person is tailored to you. Others may not be able to understand or even fit into them. They might not suit others the way that it may suit you. That's why falling in love is like finding that perfect pair of jeans. Once you find it, you're going to feel like the million bucks that you feel when you wear those jeans. You're going to feel like they were made just for you. Because, in a way they kind of were. 

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