Sunday, January 5, 2014


That quote was bought to you by the Perks of Being a Wallflower. That quote by far is one of my favorites, because I believe it to be the most true, and one that I can use to shape my life into a more accepting manner.
In my Staying Strong; 365 Days a Year Book (by Demi Lovato; it's a good read. I recommend it highly to all of my readers out there) mentions about picking a quote to repeat to ourselves in the morning. So, I picked that one, because I feel like that one has the most meaning and impact of my life.
I picked this quote because I believe that it rings the most truth in my life. Often, we create this concept of deserving things. Whether it may be something that's bad or something that's good, we believe we deserve the fate that comes to us. That concept is a stupid one, because I feel like we set ourselves to a fate that may or may not happen. For example, a girl dates and is interested in dating a lot of guys may have felt some sort of rejection. By experiencing this sort of rejection, we come to expect it in the current relationships. Therefore, we do in fact think accept the love that we think we deserve. 
I could apply this quote to my own personal life, because I am similar to the example that I have used. But, that's something that needs to change. I deserve to be happy, to smile, and to truly have someone who is kind to me. I don't deserve heartache, although at times I think that I do. It's something that I have grown to expect, yes, but the mental mantra doesn't have to make it last forever. You have to realize that being hurt happens only occasionally, and we will never move on to a more positive manner.
We don't deserve to be heartbroken, have rainy days, and be depressed. We don't deserve to feel the terrible feeling in the pit at the bottom of our stomachs, we don't deserve to be hurt by the people who claim to love us, and we don't deserve to cry enough to drown the rivers with our tears. We deserve people who make us smile, people who make us laugh, and people who make us feel shiny and new. Girls, you deserve guys who bring you chocolate, flowers, and mean the sweet things behind their lines. Guys, you deserve girls who treat you like you deserve, don't use you, and allow you to go out on guys' nights without the slightest side dish of guilt. No matter what battle we fight, we know one thing. We will find someone who truly makes you happy. 
By thinking we deserve to be heartbroken only leads to us being negative, about ourselves and about our relationships. It's a gamble, falling in love. But, its a gamble that is sometimes worth shaking up the dice for. By thinking we don't deserve happiness leads to unhappiness. Therefore, young Charlie was right. We accept the love we think we deserve.

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