Thursday, January 2, 2014

Society and the Single Girl-That Friend.

Disclaimer; the following post was not made to offend anyone. If you feel offended by the following post than you are more than welcome to contact me about it. I am more than willing to discuss my point of view with you, in addition to hearing yours. 

As a single girl with a lot of friends, I often have some friends that either were or currently  are in relationships. I feel like most people who were single often fall victim to the whole hearing your friend drone on and on about their very significant others. Like all of the time. And that can be very annoying. 
An example of this is when Big and Carrie broke up on Sex and the City. Carrie talked about Mr. Big pretty much to the point where all of her friends got sick and tired of it. The rest of the episode talked about Carrie's relationship issues, and that's not the point of this whole thing. The point is its annoying to listen to after a while. 
Before all of you begin to judge me and call me a bitch, please hear me out. I am happy for every one of my friends who are or were in relationships. I am happy for you, and I love that you're happy with someone who has that effet on you. That's not the issue is. The issue with me is when you talk about it, and then don't stop. After hours, and you went over the same detail over and over again. And your friend still won't shut up. It's line that has no end. 
There's one exception to this rule, and I think it belongs in the girl code. That's when something major happens, like the guy you really like asking you on a date, or you getting a boyfriend. I think that's different especially when that happens, because anyone would be excited when the person they like asks them out. As a friend, it's girl code for you to listen. And jump up and down. Unless the guy's a jerk. In that case, you warn your friend, but still do the jumping up and down thing.
But what I am talking about is when your friend won't stop talking about her boyfriend. You know what I am talking about. When, at girl's night, he becomes the center of the conversation and no matter how hard you try he seeps your way in. When all she talks about is how cute he is when he does this or that, their dates, etc, then it gets to be a bit much. 
As a single girl, I would like to point out that I am not bitter in any way sense or form. I know that it's only natural to sometimes swoon about your significant other. But there's another side of this argument. As a single girl, I often feel left out of this. I don't have a boyfriend to counter it with, so often I feel like I am the odd one out.
 One may argue that people in relationships tend to have higher superiority then the singles. They have a boyfriend to go home to, to shower with gifts, and lets face it spend some time with. Their boyfriends lets just face it are pretty great. We, as single women, may not have that. It doesn't mean that we are not pretty great, but let's just face it we want people to do sweet things for us too. 
As a girl who will hopefully get in a relationship before my hair turns gray, I promise all of my friends one thing. What is that? I promise to sometimes talk about my boyfriend. But I also promise not to ditch you, or make it the center of my girl's nights. 
Thank you and good night.

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