Monday, January 20, 2014

Music Monday; Prism by Katy Perry

Okay, so let's just say before yesterday that I was NOT a huge fan of Katy Perry at all. But I heard the song Dark Horse on YouTube, and it's been stuck in my head for a while. Needless to say, I wanted to buy it. However, I accidentally bought the album. Oops. However, this was the best accident ever because I think I can't stop listening to her album, and already have her other two on my Amazon wishlist. Therefore, Prism was my new choice for a Music Monday.
I'm used to hearing catchy pop songs from Katy Perry. I kind of tuned her out after I Kissed a Girl, but fell in love with Teenage Dream (the song). However, this album is more than the bubble gum songs that I would have expected. She's grown A LOT since I've Kissed A Girl, and Hot N Cold. I honestly love that the songs are fun to dance to, but have some sort of serious meaning. For example, the song "Roar" talks about having the ability to overcome just about everything. It's like a large piece of chocolate on a bad day, it's a pick me up. However, let's take a moment to admire my favorite song on the album, which is "Dark Horse." That song has been on repeat ever since I got it. The song is pretty amazing. I love the lyrics because it makes me feel like a complete and total badass. I love the rap, especially. It's an addicting song, so if you're looking for a catchy song to do homework, bam you've found it. Another highlight of the album that I can't stop listening to is "Legendary Lovers." I like that song better than "Teenage Dream", because it's a more serious love song. It's a bit more slower, and the lyrics are more serious. "Take me down to the river..." Overall, the songs on the album were extremely impressive.
It's pretty safe to say that we've all heard her songs to the point where we want to gauge our eyes out. However, since I don't ever listen to the radio unless I am in the car with someone who does I can say that these songs are good. Katy, you've grown from your I Kissed A Girl days. Good work.
My recommendations; Roar, Legendary Lovers, Birthday, Walking on Air, Unconditionally, Dark Horse, This is How We Do, International Smile, Ghost, Love Me, Double Rainbow, and By the Grace of God

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