Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Mi Manchi, Nonno". Girl Between the Lines Post

I am the closest to my grandfather than perhaps any other human being on the planet. He raised me like I was his own child, not a grandchild. When he died of Alzheimer's disease two years ago, my grandma gave me a few of his things. I honestly couldn't decide, because these things each have some sort of value of their own.
The first item is a stuffed monkey, otherwise known as Mr Monkey. Mr. Monkey resides on my bed, has a red T-Shirt. He has a banana in his hand. His tongue is sticking out, and he's a light and furry brown. Mr. Monkey is perhaps one of my favorite stuffed animals, because it kind of reminds me of my grandfather, silly, and always fun. My grandmother gave me him shortly after he died, and he's been one of my most prized possessions.  Whenever I hug him, in some weird way it reminds me of my grandfather. Even though he just sits there, looking
The other two items are his necklaces that was his, or were once his and was made for me. The first one is a necklace that was made from a tie tack. My mom had given it to me for my high school graduation, and I am so glad that she did because even though I rarely wear it it's my favorite piece of jewelry. The other two are gold charms that he used to wear all of the time. The first is a Saint Jude, and the second is an anchor that my mom got him from Hawaii.
I choose these items because I was really close to my grandfather, and I miss him terribly. Therefore, picking just one was a hard thing to do. I miss him more and everyday, so the fact that I own things that he once had has the most value than things that cost thousands of dollars. Whenever I look at these things, I am reminded of his fight, his smile, and the fact that he never once complained during his six year battle with Alzheimer's. Thank you Grandpa, for not only the material possessions, but for the wisdom that you've also left behind. Ti amo, il mio nonno. Mi manchi molto.*

*I love you, my grandpa. I miss you a lot.


  1. I completely understand what it's like to lose a grandfather that you loved so much. I have an old hat of my grandfather's that I cherish as well. It's nice that you have these things to remind you of him, I hope they will always bring you a sense of comfort and joy.

  2. This is so sweet! I love that the little monkey and those charms can remind you of your grandpa!