Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Break Wrap Up

Okay, so I meant to write this post on Sunday. But, I forgot. So, I am finally able to sit down and tell y'all (with pictures) about my winterbreak.

Okay, so the major event of my break was to be able to hang out with Gabriel. At first it was weird because I am only used to seeing him behind my iPad screen. Now, he's here in the flesh. During my break, we went out for dinner, had lots of unhealthy food, and played bananagrams. (If you never had played it, it's so much fun) Although Gabriel leaves in a few more weeks, I can't wait til summer where we can have three months of just hanging out. Having him home makes me really appreciate having such an awesome person in my life, and made me realize now matter how long we're apart we will always somehow be in each others' lives. And call each other a nut.

Gabriel wasn't the only friends who I got to hang out. I had a couple of crazy girls nights with my girls Theresa and Verenized! We would go shopping, have a nice dinner, and just hang out. Hanging out with them is always fun because they always bring out the wild and crazy in me. Over break, I realized that no matter where I go in my life, I will always have my girls, and Gabriel in my life. 
In addition to hanging out with friends, I went on a book binge. I think I read at least six books. I have a probelm, because I would just spend hours of my day reading. I feel good about it though, because I think its important for me to read. Plus, the fact that I work in a library doesn't hurt that I get dibs on the books that I love.
Lastly, I celebrated Christmas. It was well spent, with family, and good memories. Pictured below is my dog wearing wrapping paper.
In conclusion, winter break was short. But it was awesome. Here's to an awesome semester!