Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things I Love Thursday; Vera Bradley Glenna Tote

It's safe to say that when it comes to purses I am very picky. It's hard for me to find a purse that literally makes me so excited that I jump up and down for it. When I do, I literally want to jump up and down with it.
I walked into my town's  Hallmark, which carries Vera Bradley items, not expecting to buy anything, but I did expect to attempt to find a purse. I expected to fail though because I had wanted to purchase a purse, but couldn't find one. So, I fell in love with the bag pictured above. And after using it for school for a few days I absolutely love it. 
I reccomend this purse for pretty much everyone. I like it because I have an iPad, and finding a bag that actually fits it is a probelm. I also like it that it has a zipper, because for me it adds the added security. It has many pockets, because sometimes I want things ready as soon as possible. For example, if I want to have a pen, then it's available for me. I lose pens so its nice not to dig in my bag to look for it. There's a zipper compartment that's huge and can fit a lot of stuff. The other side has really big pockets, and can fit things such as gum, lotion, and iPod. 
This purse costs $80, but most places have sales on older patterns. It comes in colorful patterns, so you can get one that fits what you're into. I got the English Rose Pattern because it matched my wristlet. I reccomend this for anyone who has a tablet, whose in college, and who just wants a big purse. 

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