Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MOOC Week One Response-Pivot Point

The videos that I had watched for this week's MOOC reminded me of the novel Pivot Point  by Kasie West. The novel talks about how technology affects the future. The main character, Addie has to decide whether to continue living in the compound with her mother, or go to face 'normal' life with her father. The novel showcased several examples of what future life might be like. Cars had computers, and there wasn't such a thing as a doorknob. But, one thing that really stuck out to me, as a huge advocate of books, is that books became completely obsolete. Instead, they use tablets for reading and for everything.
I myself use my tablet for pretty much everything under the sun, from writing papers and notes for my classes to watching movies on the Netflix app. However, that particular one scared me, because I really do enjoy reading the actual physical book. It scares me that soon books, magazines and even newspapers might one day become a thing that are shown in museums for our children and even grandchildren to see.
This does raise the question of whether or not the society is headed towards this direction. I honestly hope that we don't become slaves to our computers and tablets, as you see in the video Bendito Machine. I think that technology has become a part of our lives to the point where we can not separate ourselves from it to the normal everyday life that our parents once had. It's scary, but that's how self control is being practiced. 

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