Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MOOC Week 2-The Progress of Education

In the videos "A Day Made Out of Glass 2" and "Bridging Our Future", it shows the future of education based on technology. In 'A Day Made Out of Glass 2', it shows tablets as being little pieces of glass that people in the society use for pretty much everything under the sun. In the classroom, it was used as a white board to help you learn things in a more efficient manner. In 'Bridging Our Future', there's tablets being used as notebooks, and the same white computer board being used as a blackboard.
In college, I use my computer for my notes, so seeing the tablet thing isn't really a shock. However, it's weird to see it in settings that are not my college lecture halls. I think that in the future, paper will soon becomes something that is obsolete, to the happiness of many trees. However, in these videos, there's more than the content that is being taught here. There's also a habit of addictive behavior that is being taught.
By having all of this information at our fingertips, we are giving the children easy access to anything and everything that they want to learn. However, when that bleeds into our educational lives, sometimes things don't come easily. Sometimes, you can't Google information, and actually have to read books.
In those videos, I do however think that having more technology in the classroom can be a good thing. By giving children more access to technology, you're giving them a chance to excel better. By them googling they become more curious, which is the key foundation of education. It may not be a perfect solution to have everything available to us easily, however, we do have look at both sides of the argument. 

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