Friday, November 7, 2014

My Secret to Life, According to Natalie

For a good portion of my high school and beginning parts of college career, I was severely unhappy with myself. I was always down on myself, and depressed about things that were out of my control, such as my weight (okay, you have some control over that), my relationship status (which is still single, in case you all were wondering. I know you all were), and of course, the feeling like I never really had a place in this world. However, recently, I realized that I have been happier now then I have ever been in my life. I am truly really grateful for that, because who likes being sad all of the time? I sure as hell don't.
My secrets? Cause I know that you all are dying to know. Even if you don't admit it because you are reading this blog so I am pretty sure that you care about what I have to say about life. Here's my secret to life. Read it and you will become as awesome as me. I swear it's true.
I don't take myself seriously. Like ever. If you friend me on Snapchat, I will send you the funniest faces ever. I find taking selfies to be obnoxious so therefore I usually make the most obnoxious faces ever. I think its important to laugh at yourself, which is something that I am able to do. I joke around a lot, and I believe that life is better spent laughing then crying.
I'm obsessed with little small things that make me happy. Like cookies. Cause cookies are like awesome, yo. Small things make me happy, especially cookies. It brightens up my day whenever I am down. So, future boyfriends. Get me cookies. I will love you forever. 
I stay away from negative people. You are who you surround yourself with. If you're with negative people chances are you are going to be more depressed. I know it sounds harsh, but I think that its important to be around positive people. Not only people who are going to bring you down, but people who are negative to begin with. I think that we can do so much, and by cutting down who you hang out with and consider to be your friends, its a start. 
Watch a comedy. I love sitcoms. Whether its Friends or the Big Bang Theory, having a show that makes you laugh until you cry to come home to is something that I treasure. For me, it's New Girl. That show is hella awesome.

So that's my secret to life. Watch out folks, my memior will be coming out soon to a bookstore near you. 

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