Monday, November 3, 2014

Music Monday: 1989

Taylor Swift is my not so guilty pleasure because she's awesome and I'm not afraid to own it. After all, her music is actually pretty good. When I first heard 'Shake It Off' back in August, I became obsessed and I constantly listen to it. (I thank my good friend Gabriel's father. He decided to show us the video, and then the song just grew on me. #hatersgonnahate)
Between the singles 'Shake it Off', 'Out of the Woods', and 'Welcome to New York', I became obsessed with her songs and her new style, since she's no longer a country star.
1989 reminded me of the eighties era that I am obsessed with and I couldn't wait until October 27th came so I can see what else she had in store. And when it came last week, I was impressed. I think I've had it on repeat ever since, and I really don't care.
She's just really awesome, and she writes in a way that is raw and authentic, which is something that only Taylor Swift can do. She's known for her breakup songs, (ahem 'We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together'), and her songs that make you wonder whose it about. Although 1989 has some of those components, it's an album that has lyrics that anyone can relate.
All of the songs on her CD are really good, however, my favorite is 'Style.' It's amazing, and I've had that song on repeat two or three times. It's such an amazing song, and you all have to listen it. Like stop reading this review and listen to it right now. It's that good.
Overall, listen to 1989. Just do it. It's that good.
Favorite Songs: Welcome to New York, Out of the Woods, Style, Shake it Off, Bad Blood, How You Get The Girl, Wildest Dreams, I Wish You Would, & This Love 

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