Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogtember: Why I Started Blogging

I've been blogging for three years, and have written over 500 entries. I've written things ranging from fiction to poetry. The question presented here though is what I've blogged. The question is why I started blogging. 
Why have I started blogging?I started blogging because at first I considered this blog to be my diary, a way to express my inner most emotions in some sort of way. I felt like I had so much pent up, and I wanted to share what was on my mind with the people around me. I often was perceived at the dumb girl, because at the time I thought that it was weird to share my thoughts and write. However, I was the one that was being a loser. I began to write random things, things that were going on in my day to day life, in addition to things that I have learned from what happened during that day. I had characters.
I was basically the blog version of Sex and the City. Ironically, I actually enjoyed that show at the time. Actually the better word was obsessed. Carrie Bradshaw at one time defiantly influenced my blog during the first few years of my blog. (Notations)
I started writing this blog (Finding My Voice) when I was a senior in high school. I wanted a fresh start, as I was approaching my graduation. I wanted to leave the sadness that haunted me for the majority of the senior year. 
Now blogging is my thing. I write poetry, music, stories, and of course random blurbs of thought that come through my mind. I realize that this is my place to exercise my opinions to make everything in my mind known. It's my way to change the world, even though my blog is something that is small and only read by few people. 
What is the future for my blog? Well, I plan to write this probably for the remainder of my youth. I do plan to expand it, however I do not know how. Maybe I'll talk about my dog. She's cute. I do believe how you started helps you realize why you are on the path that you are currently on. It helps you realize where you want to go. 
I started blogging to make a difference, and to have my voice heard. Reflecting on that now makes me realize that I still have a voice that I need to find. I'm still young, and I still want to experience things that could bring me to completely finding it. I've come inches and miles from making my daily reports from my local high school. I may not be the most popular blog on the web, however this blog is something that I look foreword to writing in. I sometimes forget, and I sometimes don't always present such perfect topics. However, I'm proud of my blogging accomplishments. 

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