Monday, September 30, 2013

Blogtember: Favorite Apps.

Like most of the world out there, I have a smart phone. Smart phones have an app for everything, ranging from social media sites, to addicting games that you can't stop playing, and you really should get to doing that homework that you've been meaning to do..after one more round of Temple Run...maybe you'll beat that score...just maybe.

  1. What's APP: I have this app because one of my friends lives out of the country, and this is one of the most convient ways for me to talk to her. I like this app because it serves a purpose, and helps me keep in touch with my friend. 
  2. Instagram. Yes, I'm addicted. I like it because I get to make any picture that I take into some sort of art. I love the filters on the app. It makes the pictures much more prettier than if they were left to be unfiltered. I like that so many of my friends have it, and I enjoy sharing my photos with everyone. Simply, it makes life art. 
  3. Facebook Messenger. I like this app because it's like texting all of my friends who I Facebook with! It's so much easier, if you ask me than opening up the Facebook app. I'm lazy yes, but it's like being on Facebook without actually being on Facebook. 
  4. Twitter. I am addicted to Twitter. I tend to tweet a lot because it's like my place to vent. Plus, I'm not always near a computer, so it's nice to have an app that I can use to access Twitter.
  5. Email. Like I said, I'm not the biggest fan of my computer, so it's nice to have it all on my mobile device.
  6. Temple Run. I'm just addicted.
  7. Angry Birds: Star Wars. I actually paid for this app, and it was so worth the .99 cents. I am a huge Star Wars fan so the fact that I have the Star Wars version of the app is very exciting. And for the record, I completely suck at it.
So, now you know how I procrasinate with. Thus, this ends Blogtember. I didn't exactly adhere to the challenge but who cares? It's been awesome, and thanks for reading! 

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