Friday, September 6, 2013

There Are People

There are people in your life that come and go. There are also people in your life that remain there like permanent markers forever. Either way, there are people that are in your life for a reason.
We surround ourselves with people that reflect on who we are and what our ambitions are. For example, I met some of my friends in elective classes that I found to be of interest. Sometimes, our ambitions, goals, and personalities changes as we get older and mature. Sometimes, we tend to become people that we never expected to be.
I believe that every person that I meet is there for a reason. Some reasons are to make me less naive, to develop a thicker skin to filter all of the bad things that are in my life. Another reason perhaps is to prove your theories of all people being evil wrong. Sometimes, there are people in our lifetime that are meant to hurt us. The good news is that there are also people in our life that are meant to make it better. And those are the people that we should focus on, not the ones that hurt us. Time heals all hurt, but it takes time, and patience. Having a good set of friends around to make the hurt less, to take the sting out of the harsh punch. And that's what we have to focus on.

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